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RPP: Light; movies


Seinfeld, Cosby'

Susan Wojcicki original Google team; now runs You Tube 
Natal Uranus/Poseidon
Natal Sun=Uranus/Admetos (short form)

Google/You Tube career marked by Progressed Poseidon to Uranus 3-7' orb

CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA CHRISTOPHER WYLIE SUN=URANUS=POSEIDON; HE ALSO HAS URANUS/KRONOS=ARIES                                                                                                                                                                                                            
I have natal Jupiter and Hades=Uranus/Poseiden
I had a cable TV show for many years.

N. Uranus=Poseidon=Aries (64H/16' orb)
Pioneer animator TV commercials. DOB 5/3/1908

In the news:
Uranus antiscia Poseidon (7/08)
New IPhone released

Challenger space disaster
T. Uranus=Hades=Poseidon=Chiron
Cause of problem was collision with insulating foam:  "the exact location where the foam struck the wing could not be determined due to the low resolution of the tracking camera footage".

Lightbulb innovator


Some incidence of religious conversion
Marilyn Monroe natal and prog.
Eliz. Taylor when she converted had progression minor aspect

Karli Kloss natal Uranus/Poseidon =Aries -- convert + TV

Far out religion (Madame Blavatsky)

Communist anti revisionist (split with Maoism) whose philosophy is still widespread
Enver Hoxha Uranus=Poseidon (=Pallas) 16 October 1908 

T. Uranus=T. Poseidon
Ad abolendam ("On abolition" or To abolish diverse malignant heresies’ ) was a decretal and bull of Pope Lucius III, written at Verona and issued 4 November 1184.[1] It was issued after the Council of Verona settled some jurisdictional differences between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The document prescribes measures to uproot heresy and sparked the efforts which culminated in the Albigensian Crusade and the Inquisitions. Its chief aim was the complete abolition of Christian heresy.

Rasputin's assasin P. Cupido=Uranus/Poseidon

Day of the Dupes T. Uranus=Neptune=Poseidon
the enemies of Cardinal Richelieu mistakenly believed that they had succeeded in persuading Louis XIII, King of France to dismiss Richelieu from power; marks the complete restoration of the cardinal to royal favor.

T. Uranus square N. Poseidon 1 degree orb
In October 1461, Louis XI abolished the Pragmatic Sanction that his father had instituted in 1438 to establish a French Gallican Church free of the controls of the popes in Rome

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