Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Scientists, electricians, inventors, astrologers; technology (N, P,  SR).

N. Uranus square Pallas = Aries (approx 1 1/2 degree orb) Sir Isaac Newton

N. Pallas=Aries/Uranus (22 1/2 w 14' orb) Steve Jobs DOB 2/24/1955 7:15 PM San Fr., CA

N. Pallas=Uranus/Vulcanus major aspect
By 64H, Pallas=Uranus=Vulcanus (64H/approx 3'orb)
 Proscutor who was an early user of wiretaps to amass evidence DOB 10/21/12

N. Uranus=Pallas=Poseiden (22 1/2 approx 30' orb) Oliver G. Selfridge, an innovator in early computer science and artificial intelligence DOB 5/10/1926 Not sure why Poseiden appears in this picture

I have Uranus/Pallas by semisquare within 2' orb.

Patrick Suppes  DOB 3/17/1922 Uranus//Pallas
Almost a decade before the invention of the personal computer, Patrick Suppes, a Stanford philosopher, sketched a vision of the democratic future of computerized education

Isaac Newton Uranus square Pallas 1 1/2 degree orb


Inventor laser printer
Uranus square Pallas 2 degree orb
Sun at the MP 22 1/2 degree aspect
Starkweather DOB 1/9/1938 no tob
He also had Mercury/Zeus which is interesting for the heat ingredient
He had Mercury=Saturn=Zeus

Astronaut Uranus trine Pallas
(also TV)
Alfred Merrill Worden was born on Feb. 7, 193

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