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  • REALLY COMMON: A problem with or the end of an ideological stand or connection (Almost interchangeable with Chiron/Poseidon and Hades/Poseidon)
  • Psychology, therapy (N, P, SR)
  • Occasionally, problems with boats

Problems with religion or philosophy, ideological outlook

DJT natal Sun=Saturn/Poseidon

Murdered by his mother who got a message from the devil
Justin Kirk May 17, 2001 8:46AM  Plymouth Mass

Martin Luther N. Saturn=N. Poseidon (=Chiron) (64H/4’) Protestant reformation began as a result of his protesting church practices.

Justin Beiber His mother didn't want him to advance his career with a Jewish manager
 "God, you don't want this Jewish kid to be Justin's man, do you?"
N. Moon=Saturn/Poseidon 37' orb
It happened 2007 with progressed Saturn N. Moon

Athiest Bertrand Russell N. Sun  and Vulcanus=Saturn/Poseidon
Vulcanus=Saturn/Poseidon (22 1/2 -- 9')
Sun=Saturn/Poseidon (64/4')

Franklin Littell (DOB 6/20/1917) Author of more than two dozen scholarly books and a thousand articles that delved into the question of how baptized Christians in the heart of Christian Europe could have either killed or ignored the killing of six million Jews. A big part of the answer, as he found it, was that Christians from the time of Jesus on had shown systematic contempt for Jews and their beliefs.

N. Saturn/Poseidon=Kronos=Aries (22 1/2 -- 20' orb)
Richard Nelson Williamson DOB 3/8/1940
Excommunicated by the Holy See because of 'unauthorized' abd unlawful' consecration. After voicing his views on the Holocaust he risks imprisonment in Germany where Holocaust denial is illegal.

N. Saturn/Poseidon=Kronos (22 1/2 -- 7' orb)
Metropolitan Laurus DOB 1/1/1928)
Led the overseas branch of the Russian Orthodox Church to a historic rapprochement with the Moscow mother church ending a feud that began three years after the Bolshevik revolution, as the Orthodox Church in the Soviet Union wilted under intense government pressure.

Lay theologian protested church opposition to birth control
James F. Colainni Aug. 6, 1922 no tob

protested the church’s opposition to birth control 

Admetos=Saturn/Poseidon (64H/approx. 5' orb)
Dean of American Analysts DOB 8/31/1903
Annie Besant P.Saturn=P. Poseidon (64H/exact) Krishnamurti publicly denounces Theosophists. Also P. Venus=P. Chiron=P. Cupido 64H/1’ orb and T. Uranus station opposite her Venus. She was 82 and said to be nearly senile and barely aware..

T.Poseidon conjunct N.Saturn
Rick Warren at the time of controversy over being chosen to speak at Obama's inauguration in light of his anti-gay marriage views.

Horatio Alger left the church (child molestaion)
T. Saturn Scorpio square N. Poseidon
triggering natal picture of Uranus/Chiron/Hades/Poseidon/Node

The following examples illustrate both the psychological manifestation of Saturn/Poseidon as well as problems with ideology.

Both Freud and Jung have natal Saturn/Poseidon pictures.
Carl Jung: Mercury and Mars=Saturn/Poseidon (22 1/2)
Freud: Saturn=Poseidon=Mars=Apollon (64H/18')
Daphne Merken author who's spent 40 years in therapy-natal Saturn=Poseidon (22 1/2 exact)DOB 5/30/1954 no time of birth)

World's oldest man, after century wait, celebrates Bar Mitzvah at last
Mars=Jupiter=Saturn=Poseidon 45' orb
September 15,1903

\he news:
T. Saturn trine Poseidon 7/11/2003
Iraq changed holidays, cancelling some.
Mosque fire
Judge ruling 10 Commandments monument must be removed from park

Arab spring

February 2015 T. Saturn=Poseidon 22 1/2
A day of legal reckoning is drawing closer for the yoga guru Bikram Choudhury, who is facing six civil lawsuits

In the past Saturn/Poseidon pictures seemed to correspond with ideoogical and religious separation and ....psychology.  I always thought the connection with psychology was that it was a godless philosophy.  Well, maybe except for Jung.

Thursday, Saturn and Poseidon were conjunct.  And in addition to the shooting in Washington (and are we clear about the motivation?) the most apparent corresponding event of that day was a ship sinking in Italy.

Patrick Crusius El Paso shooter race hater

I've always been sceptical of the connection between Poseidon and the sea, but this major event on the conjunction will make me look at it again.

Here's another: Shipwreck survivor
DOB 7/6/1958 2AM France

Left priesthood to marry
Saturn=Poseidon=Aries (=Apollon)

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Carpenter said...

Conjunction and Trine have to be really in perfect state in order to see the effects. I mean no greater the +0.44, and no less than -0.40. Also the house where the conjunction or Trine occurred are also so important. I have Poseidon conjunction my n.Saturn now back and forth, within 0.45 degree in my 2nd house. Yes I see lots of truth in the past 2000 years to 300 years of unsettled issues, that caused people to fall and they don't even know the root cause.