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Hades people/entities activity:

·        Unrefined, impoverished
·        Criminal, hanky panky
       A job lower than one's skill set


·        Social Workers; dealing with crime, poverty
·        Archeologists (Also Juno/Hades)
·        Work in underdeveloped/rural environment
       Work that causes illness
        Blue Collar Work (Karl Marx Natal Saturn= Hades=Pallas "workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains")
·        Arts: Rural or "unrefined" art e.g., folk music, roots music, folk art; criminals, beasts
       A job lower than one's skill set
C     Criminal activity
        Dangerous activity
        Useless activity
G     Gambling

    Crime, hanky panky, seedy activity
    Some perspective: Putin, Alexander Nix, Roger Stone
    Hugh Hefner started Playboy (first called Stag Party) when P. Cupido station=Pallas/Hades 1' orb


Folk art; culture of the common people, rural art, cowboy culture; art about beasts and gangsters

Mark Twain Mercury=Pallas/Hades

Phraya Anuman Rajadhon; The first scholar to study Thai folkloristics
N. Jupiter=Pallas=Hades 55' orb; Pallas=Hades 24' orb; DECEMBER 14, 1888 7AM BANGKOK, THAILAND) 

Queen Maude of Norway N. Pallas=Hades 43' orb (NOVEMBER 26, 1869 12:20AM LONDON ENGLAND)  
Born in England, relocated to Norway; she adopted local customs.  Known for beautiful clothing, she dressed in rural costume and sold photos for charity (Also Sun=Cupido=Hades)
Joe Pesci (plays criminals) N. Pallas=Saturn=Hades 31' orb  (9 Feb.1943 11:45AM Newark, NJ)
Max Schrek played Count Orloc on Nosferatur Pallas=Hades ssq (Boris Karloff had Cupido=Chiron)
 Jean Marais ("Beauty and the Beast") N. Pallas=Cupido=Hades 6' orb  (11Dec. 1913 11 :30PM Cherbourg, France)
 Paul Hogan ("Crocodile Dundee") N. Pallas=Hades 22' orb (8 Oct 1939 9:30AM Lilli Pilli NSW)
These parts could have been represented by Cupido/Chiron

Here's one about garbage: Thornton Dial outsider artist 9/10/1928
Art made of cast off materials wound up in museums.
Pallas=Hades (probably=Mercury?)
Also Jupiter//Chiron//Cupido

Oscar Romero N. Pallas=Cupido=Hades=Poseidon
El Salvadore priest; worked on behalf of poor; assasinated; beatified

Sandra Bernhard worked as a manicurist
Natal Juno=Hades=Pallas

Don Blankenship N. Pallas=Hades indicted for conspiracy to violate mandatory federal mine safety and health standards, conspiracy to impede coal mine safety (DOB 3/14/1950)

Mack McCormick, a folklorist who spent a lifetime searching out forgotten or unrecorded blues singers PALLAS=CUPIDO=HADES 2 DEGREE ORB  DOB 8/3/1930

Joan Vollmer
Common law wife of William Burroughs.  He shot a glass from her head in a drunken game of William Tell.  Natal Sun=Pallas=Cupido=Hades=Aries=Venus/Neptune (2/4/1923 no tob but no greater than 1 degree orb)

Drug lord; brutal assassinations
Jorge Sanchez DOB 8/1/1971

The world's first criminologist, who started as a criminal
Eugene Vidocq DOB 7/24/1775

Herbert Hoover
Pallas=Hades (=Vesta=Saturn)
Vesta=Hades (Near Pallas and Saturn)

Pallas and Hades could be seen as the widespread unemployment and poverty of depression era presidency, but the picture needs to be read with Vesta
"Hooverville" homeless, unemployed people set up housing  Saturn=Pallas=Vesta=Hades

and Rapidam Fishing Camp "I have been amazed to find so wild an area existing here so close to eastern cities"

Madoff accomplice, P. Pluto=Pallas/Hades at the time of arrest
Robert Jaffe Apriul 17/ 1944 10:23PM Cambridge, Mass.

Ethel Rosenberg (associated with Russian spy network)

Burned down the Reichstagg
SR Zeus=Pallas/Hades
Marinus van der Lubbe 

The Pallas/Hades/Poseidon was descriptive of problematic ideological connection

Sun=Saturn=Neptune=Pallas=Hades includes Pallas/Hades which is commonly wrongdoing "dirty tricks" “Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
Also Pallas/Hades "changed from his mud-splattered clothes to the robes he once wore as a high official"

Brenda Frazier  I don’t deserve all this. I haven’t done anything at all. I’m just a debutante"
"life lowest in utility", took up with criminal types
excuse to break a date: "she's going to stay home and polish her Faberge frames"
Prince Phillip born around the same time, same aspect

Ted Cruz opposes same sex marriage.
T. Pallas=N. Hades
  N. Venus=Saturn=Juno=Hades.  
T. Pallas conjunct Hades (triggering the whole picture) when he proposes: The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) would make it illegal for the federal government to take any action against those who discriminate against marriages not recognized under federal law and people who engage in sex outside of marriage based on a “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.”

New research 5/2018

Jerry Springer N. Pallas=Hades=Aries

Mick Fanning
N. Mercury=Pallas
T. Hades conjunct Mercury triggering Mercury/Pallas
Great White Shark incident (he's fine)
Dedicated event to dead brother

Billy Graham natal Pallas/Hades
P. Exact he retires
he officiates a sad event: Katrina
+ documentary released he didn't like

Balzac wrote Pere Goriot
introduced the villain Vautrin
P. Hades square N. Pallas exact
P. Pallas square N. Hades 4' orb
Based on real life character with

N. Pallas/Hades=Aries 

Arthur Duke of Connaught
He works in the hinterlands--India and Canada
When P. exact he doesn't get the job he wants, gets a lower status job (still a big one, but lower than he wanted)

Robert Downey Jr. Natal + Progressed 2001
He's finished w rehab but can't get hired.  He gets a job lip synching a video.

Michael Faraday N. + Prog. 1812
He tries for assistantship to a big scientist.  The scientist takes him on a 3 year trip---as the butler.
Faraday went on to discover the principles of electromagnetism

Some naturalists who worked in the wilds: Darwin and Thoreau

Scamsters: Putin, Alexander Nix, Roger STone, Donald Segretti (Watergate)

??? Prince James (Later James II) P. Pallas=P. Hades=N. Saturn
On 24 November 1659, James promised he would marry Anne Hyde. Charles, James's brother, forced him reluctantly into this but most people disapproved of his marrying a commoner

??? Michel de Montagne T. Hades conjunct n. Pallas when he retired  "long weary of the servitude of the court and of public employments"
Also triggered larger natal picture of Saturn/Pallas/Chiron (Pallas/Chiron is crappy job experiences)

Marie Antoinette, Chico Marx, Tesla
Richard Jarecki developed system to win at Roulette. N. Pallas//Hades (approx 17' orb) 12/1/1931
David Milch (Deadwood) big gambler Mar. 21, 1945

Mitterand , he had a role in 45 executions of the Algerian natives, recommending President Rene Coty to reject clemency in 80% of the cases, an action he later came to regret.
faked his own assasination; observatory affair 10/15/1959 t. hades triggered pic

Started a movement for domestic workers
N. Saturn=Pallas/Hades  DOB 10/13/1924

Macron Pallas SA Hades
Vowing to “make work pay,” Mr. Macron is preparing executive orders to force through changes to push the unemployed back into the labor market 

Colluded in psychic trickery (he was a scientist, not a psychic)
J. Malcomb Bird 9/2/1886 no tob Sun=A couple of references to criminal activity.

Queen's advisor killed; Mary Queen of Scots SA Pallas/Hades SA Kronos

In the news:
Pallas=Hades (22 1/2) 4/21/2008
Supreme court lifts stay of execution for 3 inmates on death row.

N. Pallas=Hades (64H/approx. 6')
Spy. DOB 12/25/1913

N. Pluto=Pallas/Hades (64H/close to exact) DOB 3/23/1860 no time of birth
British Liberal MP Horatio Bottomley is jailed for 7 years for fraud.

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