Friday, July 27, 2007


Connections with artists, entertainers (N)

N. Node=Cupido (64H/4' orb) Gertrude Stein who was at the center of most important grup of artists in 20th century. DOB 2/3/1874 8AM Colorado

Pavarotti's daughter (22 1/2 w 16' orb) DOB 10/26/1962 11:40am Italy

Brian Epstein Node/Cupido=Aries (64H/4') Beatles' manager DOB 9/19/1934 7:30AM UK

Owner art gallery (major aspect/3' orb)
DOB 3/27/1955 6am Lompoc, CA

T. South Node conjunct N. Cupido
Astronaut hot mic, the world hears him talk about farting 4/17/72
John Young Sept. 24, 1930

Byron P. 1' orb
Byron and Shelley are in Italy together
Byron falls in love w married Italian; she gets a divorce,but he's in love alot.
At the same time, T. SAturn conjunct Zeus 1820
He "visits" meetings of Carbonari; becomes honorary chief, no fighting

N. Pluto=Node/Cupido (T, Node)
Natal chart of woman who awarded money to artists (Natalie Barney 10/31/1876 no tob)

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