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Home design or decoration;
Architects, builders, contractors, interior decorators, set designers, carpenters and furniture salesman.
Containers for Juno items
? Gardens

Harrison Ford was a carpenter Juno square Vesta

John Gotch architect

Louis Sullivan architect considered the creator of the skyscraper.

Vesta/Juno=Aries July 6, 1940
Wife builds "S.O.S. Children's Villages of Kazakhstan" which are family villages for orphans. These consist of several houses built together in a group where many children live in one house with several caretakers.

Home design or decoration; also found in the horoscopes of home builders, contractors, interior decorators, set designers, carpenters and furniture salesman. Any location where beautiful or decorative items are featured. Home building and decorating activity (P, SA, SR, LR)

Natal Juno=Vesta (64H/2'orb)
Donald Trump DOB 6/14/1946 9:51AM Queens, NY

N. Vesta conjunct Juno Virgo (approx 1 1/2 degrees) DOB 8/26/1919
Self-taught furniture designer "produced elegant, sculptural pieces prized by collectors".

Paul Katz Vesta/Juno=Aries major aspect 11' orb 9/27/1957
President and managing principal of one of the world’s leading architectural firms was the mastermind of many of its major project

N. Juno=Vesta (64H/no more than 6' orb) DOB 7/21/1899
Established Florence Broadhurst Wallpapers Pty Ltd, by the mid-1970s, she monopolised the quality end of the Australian market and was exported worldwide. She was also murdered. See Hades/Chiron (=Vulcanus too)

N. Juno=Vesta (64H)
Joseph Poelaert "Architect of Belgium"
21 March 1817 at 06:00 BRUSSELS

N. Vesta=Juno=Saturn Robert Moses DOB 12/18/1889/approx 23' orb) Saturn didn't stop him.
N. Vesta=Juno (64H/12') Also Saturn=Vesta/Juno Saturn didn't stop him either
Siza Vieira, Alvaro DOB 25 June 1933 at 11:00AM Matosinhos, Portugal
Portuguese prize-winning architect and teacher at the Porto School of Architecture, he was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1992 for his work on the design and rebuilding of a section of Lisbon that had been destroyed by fire four years earlier. He 1988 he won the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award and in 2009 he was awarded the Royal Gold Medal by the Royal Institute of British Architects

N. Juno/Vesta=Aries (64H/8' orb)
Owner of a diamond mine. DOB 6/12/1852 7:35AM London

N. Hades=Jumo/Vesta DOB 9/16/1923
Designed housing for the needy, health clinics 

Designed ornamentation on churches
Grinling Gibbons

Dora Maar
Father was an architect

Architect and city planner; "practical architecture"  Pallas conjunct Vesta 1 1/2 degree orb
8/10/1927 (also Vesta=Juno=Aries)

Designed items (Juno) + containers (Vesta)
Louis Vuitton Sun=Juno/Vesta 64H/3' orb

Claude Monet Juno/Vesta=Aries painted his garden

Juno=Vesta=Vulcanus (64H) created two of the most celebrated gardens in North America (DOB 8/6/1925)

Expanded Brooklyn Botanical Gardens N. Vesta qx. Juno
Sun=Vesta/Juno dob
DOB 6/17/1928

Florist shop
Azuma Makoto July 24, 1976

In the news
Bloomberg Admin. revised zoning plan for Coney Island 4/8/08

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