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  • Relationship (or relationship issue) with a leader, a boss, someone with important family
  • Relationship hinges on law or something official like legal consent
  • Like Kronos with Venus, Sun/Moon, Node or Cupido (Melania Trump has Cupido=Kronos)


Dolley Madison Juno/Kronos=Aries DOB 5/20/1768 no tob

Wife of President of Kazakhstan Feb. 12, 1941 no tob

Eva Braun Mrs. Adolph Hitler
N. Juno=Hades/Kronos exact
2/6/1912 12:30AM Munich

Andrew McCabe  his wife running for office was an issue  

T      Cynthia Nixon gay legal marriage advocate 

 Rob Porter N. Juno=Saturn/Kronos lost his government job due to his spousal abuse

Illustrations of relationship with leader that's not governmental:
Martina marries ex Miss USSR 
2 of Woody Allen’s ex’s N. Juno/Kronos; relationship with their director (their boss)

TaT   Tallulah Bankhead husband elected a member of Actor's Equity while they were married 

         (her family was in government too)

Not always your own relationship
When he excommunicated Henry VIII for marrying, Pope Clement had  P. Juno=Kronos
This is an important fine point about Juno, that it can correspond with a marriage that's not yours

 Not always a marriage or even a committed relationship
Mata Hari had royal liaisons (natal aspect)

Barbra Streisand dates Pierre Trudeau when P. was exact
Sally Field Academy award for role as sherriff's widow

Some evidence  of height difference (also Juno/Admetos)  
Rupert Murdoch likes tall women

Sally Field Academy award for role as sheriff's widow

Officials/leaders/rulers/boss  + Decor/fashion/decor/decorative item

Luxury items? Design for aristos

 Lillian Brown, a longtime makeup artist for presidents
Juno square Kronos (and Neptune) born August 8, 1914

Discovered (Pharoh)Tutankamun's intact tomb; Tutankhamun's burial mask remains the popular face.
N. Juno conjunct Kronos  Howard Carter DOB 5/9/1874

Rosa Bonheur applies to police for permission to dress like a man
1852 SR Juno=Kronos

Arrested for illegal use of US flag N. Saturn=Juno/Kronos (64H/5-10' orb) DOB 9/20/1922

Royal jewels:
Wallis Simpson N. Venus=Jupiter=Juno=Kronos (also marriage to ruler)
When P. Kronos was 1' past N. Juno (1946) the Royal Jewels, given to her by the Duke of Windsor, were stolen.  Police across Europe were involved.

Kathie Lee/senate investigation into her clothing sweatshops
P. Kronos=N. Juno (ssq/1' orb)

N. Saturn=Juno/Kronos (64H/5-10' orb)
Arrested for illegal use of US flag DOB 9/20/1922

Official/medal: Tennyson wins Cambridge Gold Medal when progression is exact

J.M. Barrie government medal T. Kronos=N. Juno (T. Pluto and T. Jupiter 1 degree away)
Event: June 7, 1930

Richard Marquis P. Kronos=Juno  he received a Fulbright Scholarship to study the making of art glass (1969) DOB 9/17/1945 5:35AM Bumble Bee AZ

Coleridge get stipend from Wedgwood just to write (N. Mercury=Cupido-Pluto=Juno=Kronos)

Beauty queen Alicia Machado had an issue about her appearance with her boss
(Donald Trump before he was pres) her natal Juno/Kronos=Chiron less than 30'


 Her DOB: Dec. 6, 1976 no TOB

?? Patent a Juno item?
Goretex 4/15/1937
Waterproof baby diaper 10/15/1917

Hats/barbers  (Top of head!)

Queen Elizabeth talks about how heavy the crown is.
P. Juno=Kronos 64H exact

•    Hats: Stetson (<30 span="">’ orb)  + other hat maker.  High hairdo:  Beehive hairdo “inventor”

Mother a hatmaker

Juno=Kronos 64H DOB 7/27/1927 No tob

Hairdresser Jean Louis David
Juno/Kronos=Aries approx 34' orb
March 24, 1934

"Inventor" of beehive hairdo
"style designed to give women height"

DOB 2/11/1918

Accused of betraying members of the French Resistance during World War II d her head shaved as punishment. Juno=Kronos=Chiron 64H dob 1/5/1918

Tennyson wins Cambridge Gold Medal when progression is exact

In the news:
"Milan's fashion designers launch their ideas". 1/14/2007

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