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Illegality ranging from scams to spousal murder
Harm done to each other or others
      Partner a blue collar worker (less common)

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.  It's November 2021 Peng Shuai has been silenced for speaking out on 
   sexual  assault Natal Sun=Juno/Hades
It's March 11, 2020; Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years for sex crimes.
   P. Juno=N. Chiron (+natal Moon=Saturn=Juno=Chiron)
.  Lana Turner's daughter murdered her boyfriend. 
.     .  SR when fiance became sick and died.  Mary of Teck SR 1891; she's about to marry Albert 
         Victor Prince of Wales when he got sick and died.  He was a Hades type anyway, got embroiled in 
          a male prostitution scandal 2 years earlier.  (He had natal Hades=Venus/Mars)
.  Literature:  The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan-- marriage is injurious to a woman’s life.
.  Instances of  bigamists, spousal murderer (several other pictures/bigamy:

    Juno/Chiron, Venus/Chiron, Uranus/Juno)
.  Indira Gandhi arrested with her husband
.  John Oliver met his wife at a Republican Convention where she hid him and his camera crew from security
.  Bill Clinton N. Juno opposite Hades; when impeached T. South Node conjunct Juno and North Node conjunct Hades.
.  Lord Mountbatten T. Hades conjunct N. Saturn/Juno conjunction when he married "We spent alot of time getting into other peoples' beds" (Married 7/17/1922 T. Saturn conjunct T. North Node Libra)
.  John Hinckley shot the President to get a girl's attention
.  After Stormy Daniels  hit (SOTU address) Melania T. Juno=N. Hades and Vulcanus (Melania has Hades/Vulcanus, that ‘s powerful Hades)
.  Lucretia Borgia  1st marriage T. Juno=N. Hades 
.  Mary Queen of Scots husband murdered/she marries murderer SR Jupiter=Juno=Hades 64H/close orb)
.  Charles Jaynes Sexually abused and murdered a child N. Juno/Hades=Sun exactly
.  Jeffrey Dahmer Natal Juno=Hades + T Juno=N. Hades first murder (+sexual crime)
.  Randy Quaid 64H; committed crimes with wife
.  Bruce Hay Harvard Law prof. falsely accused of fathering a child,  part of a giant scam
    Sun=Juno/Hades Jan. 9, 1963<30 1963="" 9="" an.="" font="" orb="">
    One of the babies born as a result of the same scam has Uranus=Juno=Hades=Aries (Dec. 10, 2011)
.  "Submarine Murder" Peter Madsen (Jan. 12, 1971)  murdered Kim Wall journalist 
     (March 23, 1987) both had natal Juno/Hades
.  Widow commits suicide in grief3/26/1943 natal Mars=Juno=Hades
.  Artemsia Gentile artist who was raped and participated in the prosecution of her rapist
   which overshadowed her achievements as an artist
.   Juno/Hades and Venus/Hades were the most common factors found in the horoscopes of rapists.
.  Prince Harry natal + T. Juno triggers natal picture: "crushed" after "unneecessarily cruel" Megxit
.  Claudia Schiffer sued magazine for saying her relationship was a business deal/sham.
    T. Juno triggered picture
.  Amy Fisher Long Island Lolita
.  George IV Legally his first marriage was void
.  Anais Nin Bigamist Juno/Hades=Aries major aspect 2' orb (also Juno/Chiron)

? Unusual?  maybe a coincidence?
Elizabeth's suitor Duke of Anjou died; T. Juno sqq her N. Hades

Juno/Hades appeared in 5 of 7
close orb unless indicated
Mickey Rooney (major aspect)
Lana Turner (major aspect/her daughter stabbed Lana's gangster boyfriend)
Henry (minor aspect)
Richard Pryor (major aspect/1 degree 11' orb)
Larry King Sun=Juno/Hades
Gloria Swanson Juno//Hades 6x
Mrs. Brigham Young wife number 52 divorced him; spoke against polygamy.
 He had Juno/Poseidon (ideology+mating)

Not in the charts of Judy Garland or Mike Love (they had Juno/Chiron)

Couple of bigamists

Engaged to 16 soldiers; never married.
Sun=Mars=Zeus=Hades/Juno <30' orb
Lotte Moon August 10, 1828

Karl Jung stayed married and he had "only" 2 affairs; he had Juno=Hades=Vulcanus
There are likely to be details about his relationship life I'm not aware of.

  • Mass Market fashion; adornment; "street" or unpolished look
  • Lowbrow art; crude materials for art
  • Theft (thief or victim); or other crime
  • Archeology (one of several astro indicators); preservation (also Juno/Chiron or Vesta/Chiron)
  • Juno items which hurt (overlap with Juno/Chiron)
  • Clothing and shoe repair jobs (some overlap with Juno/Chiron)
  • Juno Items which wind up as garbage
Paige Rense editor of high-end (non Hades) Archetectural Digest
N. Juno=Hades=Node
Got her job because previous editor was murdered.
Astrology is so complicated.  This described one single Hades life changing event in the decorative world, but the rest of her decorative activity was at the highest of high ends.

"Street" or unpolished look

  • Henry "the Fonz" Winkler
  • Madonna (early days)

Zora Alica Shankow 
Her father was an outfitter, who provided equipment to polar explorers  Zora Alica Shankow  11/6/1928 no tob

Mass Market stores
  • Walmart (Sam Walton Juno//Hades)
  • Korvettes founder Sun=Juno/Hades <34 span="">  orb. 

Low Budget Materials:

  • Picasso used house paint N. Sun=Juno/Hades 24' orb:
"Scientists using a high-energy X-ray instrument have solved the long-running debate over what kind of paint Picasso used in his masterpieces.   'It was common house paint' said a physicist. 

Another  artist with Juno/Hades married 4 times and "several writers called Mr. Gorchov’s paintings “primitive,” but he preferred “rudimentary.” " DOB 4/15/1930 no tob

Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places. He saw preservation as a way to reverse what he called “the visual trashing of America.” William Murtaugh May 2, 1923

$12MM Jewel theft (Henry Ford II; no outstanding natal picture)
 P. Juno=P. Chiron=Natal Hades
 T. Juno=N. Hades

Kim Kardashian

Natal Juno/Hades=Aries 64H/1' orb
Theft: October 2, 2016 P. Juno=Hades 64H/1' orb

Affair of the Necklace:
Cagliostro Natal Juno opposite Hades 34' orb

 June 2, 1743 1743 6AM Palermo, Italy
Hades/scam: He also sold magical "Egyptian" amulets and engravings pasted on boards and painted over to look like paintings

Decorative items that harm
  • "Mean Girl's jewelry" designer (Juno=Hades=Vulcanus)
  • Hanging to death with a belt
  • Natasha Richardson--not putting on the hat killed her

Family garbage biz: 
Kyle Navin Juno=Hades=Cupido

P. Venus=Juno/Hades
Had lunch w friend who worked at Targets.

N. Juno=Hades (64H/6' orb) DOB 9/3/1931 11:58AM Chelsea, MA.
Boston Strangler used an article of their clothing to kill victims. Another meaning of Hades here.

N. Juno=Hades
Bill Clinton's chart--symbolizes evidence of Lewinsky's soiled dress?
SR Juno=Hades (22 1/2 exact) 1998-1998 Impeachment hearings

P. Sun-Juno/Hades dealt with old family treasure.

Artist with Juno/Hades married 4 times and "several writers called Mr. Gorchov’s paintings “primitive,” but he preferred “rudimentary.” "

In the news:

Juno station square Hades January, 2011

1/19/2011 Juno stationary square Hades (+Hades antiscia Node)
Montreal Organized crime rife in construction: union boss
1/20/2011 DOJ Says Total Of 127 Arrested In Racketeering, Related Crimes Includes but not restricted to construction industry.

2/5 Artworks worth tens of millions of euros registered as ''disappeared'' or ''stolen'', including some by Degas and Manet, have been seized from a world-renowned art institute. Juno square Hades/11' orb approx.

Jan. 19, 2011 JUNO STATIONARY RETROGRADE square Hades A painting confiscated by the Nazis and later a part of a New Jersey university's museum collection was restored to its rightful owner

Three stolen works of art have been recovered more than 15 years after they were taken from museums in Glasgow.
Francoise Gilot - relationship with Picasso had natal Juno=Sun/Moon (met 1/8/1927)
Fri Jan 21, 2011 JUNO STATIONARY RETROGRADE square Hades (29' orb approx)
A stolen painting by French Impressionist Edgar Degas was formally returned to France after it surfaced at an auction in New York. The small painting "Blanchisseuses souffrant des dents," emerged in a Sotheby's auction 37 years after it was stolen from the Malraux Museum in Le Havre in Normandy.


Natal Betty Friedan
Puccini t. juno=cupido and hades maid commits suicide false accusation over affair; 


Heinrich Max Pommerenke 7/6/1937 Juno//Hades

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