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Ideology and art; ideological organizations\
T. Poseidon has been traveling w T. Cupido for a while.  Scroll down for that

Kurt Cobain
Cupido conjunct Poseidon NIRVANA

N. Cupido/Poseidon =Aries (22 1/2 approx 22' orb)
Actor, Singer, Songwriter advanced the cause of Native Americans DOB 8/17/36

N. Hades=Cupido/Poseiden (22 1/2 10' orb)
Odetta "Voice of civil rights movement"

N. Cupido=Poseidon (=Hades) (22 1/2 approx 1 degree 13') DOB 1/24/1919
Public relations for opera and the art of "selling classical music to the public".

Poseidon=Mars/Cupido (22 1/2 max. 6' orb)
Ethnomusicologist working with American Indians as well as Europeans, studying music celebrating everything from love to agriculture and peyote chants too. DOB 3/22/1916

N. Cupido=Kronos=Poseidon (64H/approx 19') DOB 8/31/1903
Early practioner of methods to explore cultural influences on the subconscious mind.

N. Pallas-Cupido/Poseidon
singer of Yiddish music
Pallas is often found with pictures related to jobs or profession

Some important leaders of religious groups:
Paramahansa Yogananda Cupido=Poseidon 22 1/2 - 8' orb
Ramakrishna Sun=Cupido/Poseidon 64H/5' orb
(Maybe Asc=Cupido/Poseidon 22 1/2, uncertain TOB)
He also memorized and put on religious musicals
Mary Baker Eddy Asc=Cupido/Poseidon

In the News:
2016 T. Cupido=T. Poseidon
3 movies about Jesus February, April, May

Dalai Lama doing an internet piece about Happiness.  It may fall into the art/entertainment category. TBC

2/22/2017 T. Venus conjunct T. Cupido=T. Poseidon
Family members say a Virginia couple tried to get their teenage daughter to end a relationship with a boyfriend whom the parents believed espoused neo-Nazi views.  Now that boyfriend, 17, has been charged with killing the parents.

2016-2017-2018 T. Poseidon has been traveling w T. Cupido for a while.  

In hindsight, what is most evident is political tribalism.  For example, people siding with their own political parties, at the cost of other connections, like family.

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