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·        Family connections in food or livestock industry
·        Food companies and associations
·        Food events with family/friends (this is the most common manifestation by transit, progression or SA)  
       Sophia Vergara father cattle rancher 
        Mick Jagger Venus=Ceres=Cupido  his 1st wife's mother had a health food restaurant

        Founder of Mars candy company (his son took over)

        Events: Mike Flynn SR he's photographed at dinner in Russia

·        Food and art·   

Andy Warhol Ceres=Cupido 22 1/2 aspect/15' orb
Soup cans

N. Ceres=Cupido (64H/17' orb)
Had a record company called Mushroom

Wayne Theobaud painted pies, gum machines
N. Ceres/Pallas=Cupido=Aries 64H/19' orb at the widest

Toulouse Lautrec loved food; wrote his recipes and illustrations (N. Ceres=Cupido 2' orb)

Paul Cezanne "Most Famous Still Life Painter in the past 200 years" --including lots of fruit
(N. Ceres=Cupido=Kronos 5' orb)

Anya Gallaccio British artist, who creates site-specificminimalist installations and often works with organic matter (including chocolate, sugar, flowers and ice). Sun=Ceres/Cupido 9' orb

?? Animal painting?
Rosa Bonheur

Family + food; food + associations
Sophia Veraga Ceres=Cupido=Aries
Father in the cattle industry

LR Sun=Cupido=Vulanus=Ceres
50th anniversary dinner.

2 forest magnates born within a week of each other (December 8, 1812 and December 14, 1812)

Dickens wrote Christmas Carol w P. Cupid=Ceres "influenced several aspects of Christmas that are still celebrated in Western culture, such as family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, "

Claude of France Ceres=Cupido=Aries
Claude is remembered in a classic small plum, the size of a walnut, pale green with a glaucous bloom. It is still called "Reine Claude" (literally, "Queen Claude") in France and is known in England as a "greengage"

Jessica Tcherepnine botanical artist  May 14, 1938
Ceres/Cupido=Aries approx 22' orb

In the news
Ceres Pisces square Cupido (Feb 6th)
Apple Inc. called on 4 major record companies to start seeling songs online without copy protection software to thwart piracy. I have seen Ceres show up more than once when an event happened that included Apple Computers or Apple Records and when the name of the business was a food.  Altho Steve Jobs did not have a prominent natal picture.

5/52008 Ceres opposite Cupido
One day "Food Summit" attended by 15 Latin American countries.

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