Friday, July 27, 2007

MIDPOINTS: Apollon/Vulcanus

Great success (N); successful people/person around you (N, P, SA, SR, LR)

Miley Cyrus Sun=Apollon=Vulcanus (also Pallas=Jupiter/Uranus)

Barack Obama Sun=Apollon/Vulcanus 23' orb

N. Moon=Apollon=Vulcanus (=Pallas=Hades) (64H/13' orb)
Britney's son. DOB 9/12/2006 1:11am LA His brother has Hades=Apollon=Vulcanus and the Moon is in a picture containing Sun=Moon=Saturn=Pluto=Zeus=Admetos

N. Moon=Apollon/Vulcanus (22 1/2 -- 1')
Make-up artist who became known for his long-time association with Oprah Winfrey (see Juno=Sun/Apollon)
Reggie Wells DOB December 1947 at 06:30 AM Baltimore MD,

N. Apollon square Vulcanus (=Sun=Moon=Venus=Asd) (22 1/2 w 34' orb)
Kennedy great grandchild, Peter Lawford's grandchild DOB 3/11/1988 6:30AM Wash DC

N.Apollon square Vulcanus=Aries (=Venus=Hades=Ceres) (64H/approx 10' orb)
Mick Jagger's child 3/2/1984 1:37am

N. Apollon=Vulcanus =Venus (semisquare/48' orb)
Complete picture: Apollon=Vulcanus=Sun=Mercury=Venus =Saturn=Uranus (64H/13' orb)
Madonna/Guy Ritchie son 8/11/2000 12:54AM LA, CA

N. Apollon square Vulcanus w 10' orb (=Saturn=Uranus=Kronos by 22 1/2 w 1 1/2 degree orb)
Dylan Penn child of Sean Penn & Robin Wright DOB 4/13/1991 10:49AM LA The orb is wide but 5 plantets form a 22 1/2 picture on the dial.

Apollon=Vulcanus (=Node =Pluto) (64H/approx 10' orb)
Solzenitzen's translator DOB 1/16/1917

N. Apollon/Vulcanus=Aries=Cupido (=Pluto = Ceres) (64H/approx 9' orb)
Amy Winehouse DOB 9/14/1983

Billy Eilish Mars=Kronos=Apollon=Vulcanus=Aries

N. Neptune=Apollon/Vulcanus
Dorian Paskowitz, a Stanford-educated doctor who gave up a lucrative medical practice to embark, with his family, on a peripatetic and celebrated surfing life

SR Sun=Apollon=Vulcanus (64H/5' orb)
Putin when he was named "2007 Person of the Year"

Gore won Person of the Year award too.
SR Mercury and Venus=Apollon/Vulcanus (64H/ 10’ orb) Also had Jupiter=Cupido=Vulcanus=Sun/Apollo (64/H / 14’ orb)
Gore DOB 3/31/1948 12:53PM Washington, DC
BUT Gore’s previous solar return--for the period he won an Academy Award is not as illustrative. Close to the Aries point are Sun=Cupido=Hades (5.37.50 / 27’ orb). Kronos and Juno are on the Apollon/Vulcanus midpoint. In my opinion, the solar return that includes Gore’s Nobel Prize is more descriptive of that kind of winning event. Astrology is rarely neat.

Natal Kronos=Apollon=Vulcanus
Medmed the Conquerer/started Ottoman (ended Byzantine) rule in Turkey

Natal Aries=Chiron=Apollon=Vulcanus (64H/15' orb)
Florence Foster Jenkins
Celebrity fans, ridiculed by famous people for bad singing
They say Cole Porter had to bang his cane into his foot in order not to laugh out loud when she sang. She was that bad." Nevertheless, Porter rarely missed a recital

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