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MIDPOINTS: Saturn/Uranus

These days, a transit of Saturn to Uranus or Uranus to Saturn often corresponds with a tech challenge.

But Saturn/Uranus is commonly contention, separation, accidents.

Here's an example of that:
Natal Sun=Node Saturn/Uranus

T. Uranus opposite Saturn
Abraham Lincoln "shook Ficklin until his teeth chattered....fearing that he would shake Ficklin's head off". The event occurred 9/18/1858

Commonly these days a transit of Saturn to Uranus or Uranus to Saturn corresponds with issues or challenges with technology

P. Saturn=Uranus Husband's chart.  Hurricane sandy hit--no cell phone service either--Uranus is not uncommon with natural phenomenon like earthquakes

Richard Nixon:  televised Checker's speech 9/22/1952 and the televised Nixon Kennedy debate, Nixon had P. Uranus=Saturn or P. Saturn=Uranus.
9/22/1952 P. Uranus=Saturn exact semi-octile
9/26/1960 SA Saturn=Uranus (64H)

N. Saturn/Uranus=Vulcanus=Pluto=Aries (22 1/2 appox. 6')
Entlewhistle baby murdered by father DOB 4/9/2005 12:57AM England

Emotional imbalance or pain (N), problems with mother or mother has problems (N, SR, LR), problem with a woman, a woman with problems, separation from a woman (SR, LR)

N. Moon=Saturn/Uranus
Lady Bird Johnson, mother died while she was young.

N. Moon=Saturn/Uranus
Eleanor Roosevelt--her mother (and father) died while she was young, she was starved for affection by her grandmother and had a contentious relationship with her domineering mother-in-law.

SR Moon=Saturn/Uranus (64H/7')
Gassed to death by her mother at age 3. Ted Hughes' daughter.
Wevill, Shura DOB March 3, 1965 at 21:55 London

N. Ceres=Saturn=Uranus+Vulcanus (64H/approx 14')
Eating disorder. (Also Saturn in Cancer & Cancer rising)

Aries=Juno=Admetos=Saturn/Uranus model who struggles with trichotillomania and frequently pulls hair from her brows
Sara Pinto Sampaio (born 21 July 1991)

Problems with positive or calm thinking (N), a fight among siblings, problems with vehicles (N, P, SR, LR); problems with publications or publications about problems

Natal Mercury=Saturn/Uranus "School for Scandal" author Richard Sheradin

P. Mercury=Saturn/Uranus
Sisters in a lawsuit

Josh Duggar N. Mercury=Saturn-Uranus=Aries
Molested sisters; magazine made the story public 9 years after it was reported to police.

Accident occurs to spouse (N), arguments/separation characterize personal life. (N, P, SR, LR)

Paul McCartney: 2007 SR Saturn/Uranus=Sun=Venus=Vesta=Pluto
$MM divorce settlement, including real estate

Lawrence Durrell (N. Venus=Saturn/Uranus)
4 wives left him, another hanged herself.

N. Venus=Saturn/Uranus
Woman married twice: first husband was a holocaust survivor and second husband blew out his eye in a chemistry experiment when he was a child.

N. Venus=Saturn/Uranus (64H/2')
Laci Peterson murdered by her husband. DOB 5/4/1975 4:44 am PDT Modesto, California
She also had Venus & Jupiter on the Sun/Moon midpoint...???

Jean Harris murdered her boyfriend
Natal Venus=Saturn/Uranus less than 1 degree orb no matter what time she was born.

Robert Blake has the natal picture too, but it symbolizes circumstances other than murdering the partner. 

The partner may experience something  destructive.  A client who's  1st husband blew his eye out in a chemistry experiment and whose 2nd husband was a holocaust survivor had natal Venus=Saturn/Uranus.  I had the picture by progression when my husband's friend's mother died. 

Saturn/Uranus has a wide range of problematic possibilities.  Lawrence Durrell had 4 wives leave him and another hanged herself.  Liza Minelli has the natal picture.  When she was asked if she would remarry after her last divorce, she replied "Are you crazy?"

Venus=Saturn/Uranus appeared  in Paul McCartney's SR during his acrimonious settlement with Heather Mills.  The complete picture was Venus=Pluto=Vesta=Saturn/Uranus.  The $50 million dollar settlement included $14 million worth of real esate.

Venus=Saturn/Uranus  Maria Elizabeth of Austria was really really unlucky in love
At first, her marriage was delayed opportunity was delayed because of the high expectations of the status of her future groom.  When King Charles III was widowed, there were negotiations between Spain and Austria about a marriage between them but these ultimately ended in a failure. A marriage with King Stanislaw of Poland was suggested after his succession to the throne in 1764, but nothing came of it after empress Catherine the Great made her discontent over the proposal clear. A marriage to her cousin was proposed,  but her brother Joseph II did not find the match to be of enough political advantage,  When her younger sister was about the marry the heir to the French throne, it was suggested that Maria Elizabeth could marry the widowed King of France Louis XV.   A marriage contract was prepared and the negotiations were almost completed..when she fell ill with smallpox, which ruined her beauty and disrupted her plans for marriage.

Liza Minelli married 4x

Venus=Saturn/Uranus (as well as Venus/Saturn) appears in the charts of some criminals indicating disappointment or unpleasantless in connecting with a personal relationship. Timothy McVeigh's chart and the Omaha shooter whose Venus/Saturn/Uranus picture was being hit off at the time of the shootings. It appears in these charts not because it has to do with criminal behavior, but becaus a lack of connectnessness may have been part of the motivation.

P. Venus=Saturn/Uranus
Appeared in my husband’s chart when his friend’s mother died.

Composite chart for Charles and Camilla (Diana's death?)

P. Venus=P. Saturn (135/1'orb) P. Uranus=P. Saturn (64H/exact)
Mel Gibson's divorce.

Can indicate problems while traveling (SR, LR). This was in Princess Di’s solar return the year she died. (22 ½ 4’orb) as well as the SR's of Steve Fossett and Rachel Corrie when they died abroad or while traveling.

Also in the natal chart of someone who was killed in flight.
Complete picture: Jupiter=Pluto=Chiron=Saturn/Uranus

Wrote first paper on "shell shocked" soldiers returning from war 1915--1917
(also Jupiter=Apollon=Neptune/Zeus)

Lenny Bruce died T. Sun=T. Chiron=Natal Saturn/Uranus

Michel de Montagne P. Chiron=Saturn/Uranus 2' orb he went into seclusion exact about 3/4 of 1st year of seclusion

Nivalny poisoned with P. Chiron=Saturn/Uranus no TOB but no greater than 2' orb

SR Jupiter=Saturn/Uranus
Steve Fossett flew away and never returned.


Prince LR at the time he died Saturn=Uranus=Neptune (he also had transiting Saturn stationing opposite Sun in 8th; the picture in his LR was true of everyone with their natal moons in Pisces or end of Aquarius)

Obstacles and complications while dealing with drugs/health matters , not necessarily your own (N,T, SR). Problems with water activity.

Martin Shkreli Natal Saturn=Uranus=Neptune arrested for inflated drug prices

N. Neptune=Saturn/Uranus Lindsey Lohan (22 1/2)

N. Neptune=Saturn/Uranus (64H) in both the horoscopes of Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mack. Peter Green whose "career was riddled by drug abuse" has said has said that the medication he takes to treat his psychological problems makes it hard for him to concentrate and saps his desire to pick up a guitar.

Syd Barrett, psychotic.

Andy Warhol had Neptune=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2 w 6' orb) in his solar return when he died in a hospital oversight. (Natal Sun=Neptune/Chiron 64H)

N. Neptune=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2 - 14' orb) DOB 1/30/50 3:42PM Holyoke, MA Victim of a shark bite. As it bit down on his left leg, he punched the beast in the head. It changed grip and seized his right foot as he jabbed and punched it in the head and eyes

Steve Irwin had natal Saturn=Uranus with transits contacting the picture when he died from the sting of a poison fish. T. Neptune was 44' from Saturn/Uranus midpoint.Also: T. Chiron conjunct Saturn, setting off Saturn/Uranus pictureNot all contacts of Neptune to the Saturn/Uranus midpoint are fatal.

PLUTO=SATURN/URANUS Financial disagreements (N, P, SA, SR, LR, T)
Denied insurance claim (also T. Saturn square N. Pluto at the same time)

Bernard Madoff's natal chart has Pluto=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2 approx 20' orb) no matter what time of day he was born. DOB 4/29/1938
AND Charles Ponzi for whom the Ponzi scheme was named had natal Pluto=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2 - 2' orb) no matter what time of day he was born. DOB 3/3/1882

N. Pluto=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2 - 19' orb) Politician and con man, convicted of embezzlement Avelino Torres DOB 26 November 1944 6:10 PM Rebordelo, Portugal, 41n20, 7w59

Founder of Opus Dei N. Pluto/Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus (64H, exact) (complete picture is Pluto/Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus Founder of Opus Dei a Catholic group which accumulated banks and businesses and recruited wealthy people. Criticized for ‘murky’ financial deals. DOB 1/9/1902 10PM Barbastro, Spain

N. Pluto=Saturn=Uranus (22 1/2 almost exact) Executive presided over downsizing of Sears & forced to sell acquisitions (DOB 1/16/1934)

SR Dylan McDermott mother shot

Lenny Bruce death 

Manson Killings

killed in flight.
Complete picture: Jupiter=Pluto=Chiron=Saturn/Uranus

Inharmonious conditions on the job.
In the natal chart of understudy who got the lead when the other actor broke her leg.

N. Pallas=Poseidon=Saturn=Uranus 64H
Gandhi DOB 10/2/1869 7:11AM India

N. Pallas=Saturn/Uranus Theresa May

News: September 12, 2019
Whole foods withdraws health insurance for thusands of employees

N. Vesta=Cupido=Vulcanus=Saturn/Uranus 135/less than 10’orb
Dith Pran ‘Killing Fields’ Photographer 9/23/1942

Bibi Netanyahoo had Cupido=Saturn/Uranus when he was unseated by an opposition coalition

N. Cupido=Saturn/Uranus
Yves Bouvier accused of fraud in art dealing

Ben Affleck "Career downturn" 2003-2006
P. Cupido=Saturn/Uranus exact May--December 2005
3' orb in 2003

Caused uproar in the art world by selling American masterpiece to Australia
Ben Heller 10/16/1925 (also Saturn//Cupido)

It doesn't specifically indicate a hugely successful art career, but it's certainly possible to have a hugely successful art career, even with this picture:
  • Picasso     N. Cupido=Pluto=Asc=Saturn/Uranus
  • Michael Jackson e.g.,  hair catches fire filming Pepsi commercial

Karen Ann Quinlan irreversible coma
T. Sun-=T. Chiron=Natal Saturn/Uranus

LR of HR person who fired more people than ever in that month. 

LR Vesta=Saturn/Uranus client's home home was left a shambles by tenants.
LR Vesta=Saturn/Uranus (64H/1' orb) Paris Hilton's home robbed.

N. Hades=Saturn/Uranus (22 ½)
N. Saturn=Uranus (64H/8’)
Her office administered $130 million in federal aid to alleviate famine in Ethiopia. In one year 1988 alone included flooding in Bangladesh, which covered an area almost three times the size of New Jersey and left 25 million people homeless; less-publicized floods in the Dominican Republic and India; displaced people in Burundi; a poisonous gas eruption that killed 1,200 in Cameroon; and a locust plague in Ethiopia Julia V. Taft 7/27/1942

N. Zeus=Saturn/Uranus
Congressman Trey Gowdy; led pointless Benghazi investigation in congress


N. Kronos (and Neptune)=Saturn/Uranus DJT

N. Kronos (and Hades)=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2)
Carolyn Kennedy DOB 11/27/1957 8:15AM NYC
Father (President JFK) assassinated; Jackie Kennedy had Chiron/Kronos

N. Kronos=Saturn/Uranus (22 ½)
Obit: Led the overseas branch of the Russian Orthodox Church to a historic rapprochement with the Moscow mother church, from which it split after the Communist revolution
Metropolitan Laurus DOB 1/1/1928

P. Kronos=Saturn/Uranus
Amanda Knox convicted of murder. Some belief she was framed by Italian government.

Lindsey Lohan N. Kronos=Saturn/Uranus (22 1/2)

Poseiden=Saturn Uranus (64H/3' orb)
Arrested and expelled from school protesting Vietnam War DOB 2/16/1943

N. Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus
Chris Harper Mercer July 26, 1989
School shooter asked the victims' religions before killing them.

LR Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus (64H/exact)
Obama quit churchs after controversy involving his pastor.

Sai Baba N. Posidon =Saturn/Uranus 2'/64H (approx)
suspicion of sex abuse and fraud

Robert Welch founded John Birth Society
Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus major aspect 8' orb (max orb/no TOB)

Anti Gay rabbi

JFK Jr.  Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus SR airplane goes down into ocean

N. Chiron and Node=Saturn/Uranus (64H/approx 2' orb)
"Relentless advocate for the poor, the homeless and the forgotten elderly of New York seeking aid from foundations and city agencies DOB 1/4/1930

N. Chiron=Saturn=Uranus=Sun (22 1/2 w 30' orb)
Terry Schiavo DOB 12/3/1963 6AM Phila PA

P. Chiron=Saturn/Uranus
Client found tenant dead in apt.

Jon Benet Ramsey SR Chiron=Saturn/Uranus when she was murdered (also Vesta=Saturn/Uranus)


Saturn/Uranus in the news:

Summer of Love T. Saturn sp T. Uranus!!

June 25, 2003 Saturn trine Uranus
The recording industry says it will begin collecting evidence and preparing lawsuits against users of file-sharing networks who distribute copyright music without permission.

6/27/2003 Promising the gift of silence for people bedeviled by telemarketers, the government will launch a national do-not-call list Friday intended to block phone sales pitches from nearly all sources.

6/11/2005 Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus (exact orb)
Security breach was reported when Mastercard International said a lapse had allowed the installation of a rogue computer program that could extract data from the system, potentially compromising 40 million accounts.

September 12, 2019
Whole foods withdraws health insurance for thusands of employees

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