Friday, June 8, 2007


Luck! (N, P, SA, SR, LR)

T. Jupiter to Uranus usually corresponds with a lucky 'pop'--a one-time material gain.

Uncommonly, it's a sudden unlucky event.

Client just had T. Jupiter station on her Uranus. She was fired (!?) but given 2x severance.

SR Jupiter=Uranus or Jupiter/Uranus=Aries or Sun=Jupiter/Uranus appears the returns of many lottery winners.

Won a quiz show 38 times.  Mercury=Jupiter/Uranus <1 degree
Matt Amodio   12/4/1990 no tob

Tom Seaver big upset win at 1969 world series
Jupiter/Uranus SA Sun about 2 weeks from exact (2x solar arc)

N. Jupiter=Uranus=Poseiden=Aries (major aspect within 40' orb)
Rudi A. Schneider 'American Guru' DOB 1/24/1928

Montgomery Clift P. Neptune=Jupiter/Uranus
He survives car crash plastic surgeries were remarkable for the time,

N. Hades=Jupiter/Uranus (major aspect/exact)
Found winning lottery ticket in the garbage.

SR Sun=Jupiter=Uranus (64H)
Obama wins election.

N. Mars=Saturn=Jupiter=Uranus=Hades=Vulcanus
Geneticist's hand mangled in war; he switches from surgery to research and won the Nobel prize

A newborn twin was about to die.  At the last minute, a nurse put them in the same incubator. The healthier twin put her arm about the sicker one, and the sick baby stabilized...and survived.
Natal Jupiter=Uranus=Chiron
Kyrie and Brielle Jackson October 17, 1995

SR Chiron=Jupiter/Uranus Aron Ralston escapes from accident, rock trapped him, he cut his arm off to save himself. It worked.

A Sri Lankan politician sentenced to death on murder charges was sworn in as a member of the country’s Parliament Premalal Jayasekara  DOB Nov. 16, 1971  natal 64H

Jay-Z N. Pallas=Jupiter/Uranus

Ken Osmond Juno=Jupiter/Uranus (=Saturn/Zeus)
shot twice; a belt buckle saved him and a bulletproof vest saved him
DOB 6/7/1943
?? Jupiter=Cupido=Posedon

Josh Homme died while working during Paris bombing 11/13/2015
He was lucky...until that very very unlucky pop

N. Jupiter=Uranus=Moon=Hades
Big success in the field of pain management with female partner who's a widow

Diana Ross gets record contract with Supremes
SR Moon=Jupiter=Uranus

T. Jupiter=Uranus and T. Uranus opposite Jupiter
Larry Davis acquitted of murder (no natal aspect)

SR Admetos=Jupiter/Uranus temporary good luck

?????Walt Whitman
P. Pluto station=Jupiter/Uranus around age 30????????????????

????Jeffrey Dahmer natal chart
T. Uranus=Nstal Jupiter Harry Houdini died of punch to his stomach

Cured of AIDS March 11, 1966


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hi in your post about the lottery winners you are not too specific. what I mean is that you say many lottery winners have the SR Jupiter conjunct Uranus for one. is that to natal Uranus or SR Uranus? then Jupiter/Uranus (midpoint of course) = Aries. Do you mean this midpoint must be in Aries then? I gues last one you mean that SR sun must conjunct Jupiter/Uranus SR midpoint right?

thanks for this great and informative site!!!

I'm Faith McInerney. I'm an astrologer based in NYC. said...
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