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Wealth, being the wealthy person or association with wealthy people/entities

It is also associated with power.  Kingmakers

Donald Trump exact aspect

By every predictive technique, Jupiter/Pluto often corresponds with a financial event or wealthy person.

P. Jupiter/Pluto
Almost always something financial

  • Fidel Castro P. Jupiter=Pluto 1' orb\
  • Obama announced end of trade embargo w Cuba 12/2014
  • Michaelangelo's P. Jupiter=Pluto exact  father remarries a new wife with a big dowry
          Father remarries a wife with a big dowry
          he was a kid; events in kids' charts often reflect something happening to their parents

N. Jupiter opposite Pluto (approx 28' orb) Mort Zuckerman DOB 6/4/1937
T. Neptune on it by semisquare when he made a major donation to hospital to be named after him.

Mark Zuckerberg
T. Neptune=Jupiter/Pluto (=N. Node)
big donation; named hospital after him

T. Neptune on N. Jupiter/Pluto square
Client goes to work for alcohol recovery facility for rich people.

Natal Apollon=Jupiter/Pluto (22 1/2 appox 18' orb) DOB 10/12/1910
Economist who originated idea that global markets could not police themselves to contain monetary crises.

N. Kronos=Jupiter/Pluto
Boss Tweed

Natal Ceres=Pallas=Jupiter/Pluto
Food magnate DOB 11/25/1956

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Sag in the news:
Harvard tuition policy changes
Creflo Dollar (evangelical=Sag) investigated for financial miscreance.

Lottery/gambling winners: (from an article about transiting semi octiles)

T. Pluto=N, Jupiter semi-octile  
T. Jupiter square N. Jupiter; T. Jupiter=T. Pluto semi-octile 
Lottery winner DOB 10/22/1966 6:20PM Winchester, Mass
Event: 11/25/1993

T. Pluto=N. Jupiter semi-octile

Lottery winner
DOB 11/8/1942 4AM Kapuskasing, Canada
Event: 6/29/1991

T. Pluto=N. Jupiter semi-octile 

Won $1 million dollars in a slot machine 
Katherine Ippolito DOB 4/7/1953 10:32PM Everett Mass
Event 1/19/1992

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