Thursday, November 29, 2007

Venus/Apollon MUSIC

  • Music 
  • Relationship with a foreigner or involving travel

Bob Dylan
Natal Venus=Apollon

N. Sun=Venus/Apollon (22 1/2 - 3'orb)
Susan Boyle

Diana Ross Sun=Venus/Apollon (1' orb/major aspect)

Beyonce Venus=Apollon (64/1')

Brahms Venus=Apollon=Aries (64H/11' orb)

N. Sun=Venus=Apollon (64H/8')
American ethnomusicologist who studies music from cross-cultural perspective
Complete picture: Sun=Mercury=Venus=Neptune=Apollon=Poseidon
Marshall, Wayne 27 May 1976 at 22:42 Waltham MA, USA, 42n22, 71w14

N. Mercury=Venus/Apollon (64H/11')
American writer, a critic of rock musicians and their work (also Hades=Mars/Cupido)
Bangs, Lester DOB 13 December 1948 at 22:58 Escondido CA, USA, 33n07, 117w05

N. Neptune=Venus/Apollon--made and played drums that were made from oil cans.

N. Juno=Venus/Apollon (22 1/2 -- 20' orb) DOB 5/20/1961 8:03AM Beckenham, England
Heyward, Nick Lead Singer Haircut 100 (Also Juno in 10th house)

Slim Whitman (1/23/1923)
Whitman, a self-taught left-handed guitarist was right-handed, but he had lost almost all of the second finger on his left hand in an accident. He also played the guitar upside down and left-handed.

In the news: T. Venus antiscia Apollon (4/11/2006
RandB Foundation Reviving Pioneer Awards

11/16/2010 Venus station conjunct Apollon--Beatle songs available for sale on i-tunes; the 1st time they are available in mp3 format.

  • Relationship with a foreigner or involving travel

Margaret Meade Venus/Apollon=Aries Mating in Samoa

Venus/Apollon=Aries 3' orb 1921 SR;
Marries and they move to Paris; also SR Apollon=Sun/Moon

N. Venus=Apollon; married to foreigner

Lottery Winner: T. Venus square Apollon

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