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Sun/Moon Midpoint

The Sun/Moon midpoint is a couple.   It's usually your own relationship, but not always.  A planet at the Sun/Moon midpoint  often describes some concrete detail(s) about the partner, such as their profession, or the circumstances of the relationship (like how you met), or the condition of the relationship.  
In many respects, the Sun/Moon midpoint operates like Venus or 7th house aspects.   

BUT It's important to remember....the couple that's described may be a couple you're involved with, like a couple with whom you work, particularly in a solar return or triggered in a progression.  It's not the most common manifestation, but it does happen.  

It's not always your own relationship.  This occurred to me a few years ago when a work/love relationship I had described to a client from her SR turned out to be a couple with whom she was starting a business.  It happened again this past week, when the progressed outer planets on the midpoint described the client's boss and his wife.

Here are some delineations for planets on the Sun/Moon midpoint., which can be used for natal charts as well as solar and lunar returns.  In almost every case, they are interchangeable with delineating aspects to Venus.   A midpoint picture is expressed with an = sign, for example Mercury at the midpoint would be expressed as Mercury=Sun/Moon.

Look at the minor aspects!
Priscilla me Elvis Sun/Moon=Aries=Venus=Jupiter=Pluto=Apollon all by "minor" aspect 


Aries=Sun/Moon Ken Starr's SR when he was hired to represent the rights of same sex couples to marry.  This is important; it shows the Sun/Moon midpoints can represent a couple you're not part of. 

Mercury=Sun/Moon describes a partner in a Mercury profession or activity or someone you meet in a Mercury environment: education, publication, vehicles,

Emmanuel Macron married his teacher.  He has natal Sun=Moon=Mercury=Uranus at the Aries point (making it more prominent).  

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis met JFK at a dinner in the home of a journalist.
P. Mercury=Sun/Moon 2' orb
It's very common for there to be some sibling connection.  Meeting through a sibling or marrying the sibling of someone close.  Sibling means aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister, neice, nephew. 

Queen Victoria married her cousin Albert P. Mercury=Sun/Moon 10' orb 

Barbara Cartland--married the heir to a printing fortune.  After they divorced, she married his cousin.  She wrote about relationships

Jeanne Dixon married a car dealer.

Helmut Kohl first wife wrote one book (cookbook and just one...) Bio was written about first wife, became a best seller.

Mitt Romney met his wife in elementary school; wife wrote one book (cookbook and just one); his son wrote a book about her "Anne Romney, A Mother First"

Client most important long term relationship was with teacher (never married)

Client married to reporter/teacher

Jimmy Hoffa set up trucking company with his wife to receive illegal money; at the center of the government's case against Hoffa.

Frida Kahlo met her husband Diego Rivera when he came to paint a mural at her school

P. Mercury=Sun/Moon when Jacqueline Onassis met JFK at a journalist's dinner 

Barbara Cartland--married the heir to a printing fortune.  After they divorced, she married his cousin. 

It's very common for there to be some kind of sibling connection.  Meeting through a sibling or marrying the sibling of someone close.  Sibling means aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister, neice, nephew.  

Queen Victoria married her cousin Albert P. Mercury=Sun/Moon 10' orb 

Joseph Haydn married his girlfriend's sister

James Stirling married his friend's cousin

Prince Albert I Monaco his grandmother arranged for him to marry Napoleon's neice

Dan Rather married the sister of a colleague

Ferdinand Marcos introduced to Imelda by her uncle

Thomas Hardy began a romance with his cousin with SR Mercury=sun/moon precisely and Albert Einstein had the same picture in his lunar return when he married his cousin.

Here's an interesting one

The Gibbons Twins
They had a secret language, committed crimes together, were institutionalized together.  They had one dating experience--it had to be together.

Liv Tyler Had a 3 year relationship with actor she met working on a movie about brothers dating sisters.

Louis XIII his son married his nephew (this happened, but it's a reach for Mercury=Sun/Moon)

Emily Bronte

No personal relationship whatsoever, but the couple in Wuthering Heights are classics of literature

?? Mercury=Sun/Moon??Charlotte Bronte gets a proposal with P. Mercury=Sun/Moon?? Lucille Ball??Maya Angelou
??Christian Dior?? Lee Harvey Oswald she took pics of his stuff for mags??? Dennis Rodman married Carmen Electra--her career was catapaulted by Playboy magazine


Venus=Sun/Moon describes a partner who's pleasant and charming.  Emperor Hirohito's wife was called "the smiling empress".  The partner may be social--some meet at a party or club--or an aesthetic, artistic, cultural type. 

Appearance is important, both fashion and natural beauty.  Lovers of beautiful men and woman like Donald Trump and Hugh Hefner and Linda McCartney who married "the cute Beatle".  In the 1940's, Ava Gardner was one of the most beautiful women in the world.  When two of her three husbands connected with her, they had Venus=Sun/Moon in their respective SR's.  (Mickey Rooney 1941 SR, Frank Sinatra 1947 SR)   This is not the only way this kind of event can show up.  Orson Welles had relationships with 2 beautiful women, Rita Hayworth and Delores Del Rio.  He connected with both of then with Sun=Venus=Aries in his solar returns.          

Sir Richard Frances Burton (Arabian Nights) "So long as a girl was handsome, it never seemed a matter how narrow, how vain, how supremely silly she might have been".  "Women fell in love with him by the score."  His wife Isabel 'had a pedigree".   She was referred to, by her detractors, as 'a doll...she was always always aware of her looks".

From parties to fine art, there's a wide range of artistic, cultural and social possibilities, it's comparable to 5th house activity.  The relationship might begin at a party; the partner may be a social type.  Princess Caroline married playboys and socialites.  Queen Elizabeth I never married, but the man who came the closest, Robert Dudley was a "notoriously handsome" patron of the arts (including the 20 portraits of himself he commissioned); he was a party animal who produced "grand festivities and performances".  In a last-ditch effort to marry her, he threw her a party that lasted three weeks.   Elizabeth's natal Venus=Sun/Moon reappeared in her lunar return. (Note: Venus=Saturn=Sun/Moon, it didn't work.  Read down for Saturn=Sun/Moon)           

And when P. Venus=Sun/Moon precisely, Dudley married someone else. 

There's a high incidence among couples whose relationship has a strong cultural component.  Statesman Thomas More taught his wife to play an instrument.  Artists with the picture partner with other artists, and some work together.  
The partner may be artistic, good looking, or charming; a social type. party animal

Among people in the arts with Venus=Sun/Moon the likelihood is that they will have had relationships with others in the arts.  There is a high incidence of artists who have worked with their partners.  
Thomas More, a statesman, taught his wife to play an instrument.  Artists with Venus=Sun/Moon are likely to have relationships with other people in the arts; there is a high incidence of artists who have worked with their partners.  

Queen Elizabeth I never married, but the love of her life, Robert Dudley was a patron of the arts, organizing "grand festivities and performances".   When P. Venus was precisely on her Sun/Moon midpoint, he married someone else.

Partner in the arts
Bob Hope married twice and met both wives working at jobs in entertainment.
Maurice Chevalier's long-term relationship was with a singer with whom he performed.
Vanessa Redgrave's first husband was an actor; she worked with her 2nd and 3rd husband.  She remarried her 2nd husband (the very handsome Franco Nero) and is working with him again.
Bette Midler's husband is an artist.

Nice disposition:
Emporer Hirohito

His wife was "the smiling empress"

Conrad Adenaur

First wife was a cheerful person, she raised his status; 2nd wife played music for his children.

Erich Fromm
There are photos of his first wife--she was a smiling psychiatrist.
His second wife was a photographer
His third wife was beautiful

Oliver Cromwell his wife raised his status

Captain Bligh wife came from a family with some prestige; very happily married

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Venus=Cupido=Kronos=Sun/Moon

Just Venus=Cupido=Kronos is love with a great artist.

Laci Peterson, murdered by her husband had Venus=Sun/Moon (64H). Her husband had Venus in the 10th house, referred to by his family as the golden boy.

In a solar return, Venus=Sun/Moon is an indication of something pleasant--even a marriage.


Bold, courageous, active or energetic 
Boisterous or impetuous

Many are participants in their partner's work. 

Although an emphasized Mars is always present in the charts of abusers, there were only a few instances of violent behavior, including Madonna and Claudia Schiffer (natal Mars=Sun/Moon),  who was sawed in half in her fiance's magic act.  Madonna's reported incidence of spousal abuse was not marked by Mars, but by Neptune (scroll down).  Mars=Sun/Moon also appeared in the charts of two women whose husbands were shot (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Ethel Kennedy)  but just once in the charts of killers who killed with their mates.  More typical is the interaction between this husband and wife. "You have again lost your self-control quite unnecessarily. I did not begin the conversation, but you have followed me about and continued it from room to room." Prince Albert's note to Queen Victoria (natal Sun=Moon=Mars)

Marcel Proust fought a duel over his sexuality
SR Mars=Sun/Moon

The native's own attitude or behavior towards the partner may be harsh, angry expressed by writers with the picture.   

When his marriage proposal was rejected, poet Alfred Tennyson was a sore loser.     
What are those graces that could make her dear, 
Who is not worth the notice of a sneer
To rouse the vapid devil of her hate? 

"My love for that girl were so violentLord Byron while P. Mars=Sun/Moon
"Without an element of initial rape there is no delight." Novelist Arthur Koestler

 "Fortune is a woman, and it is necessary, in order to keep her down, to beat her and to struggle with her".   
Machiavelli, How a State is Ruined Because of Women.   Machiavelli

Don't you love her as she's walking out the door/like she did one thousand times before "Love her Madly" Robby Krieger

From before, during and after his marriage to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning's work is populated by husbands who kill or resent their wives. "And all her hair/in one long yellow string I wound/Three times her little throat around/And I strangled her".  There is even some very speculative thinking Browning was actively involved in Elizabeth's death, albeit to spare her final suffering.   They had a long correspondence, and first met when his P. Mars triggered his natal midpoint picture (photo below).  Afterward she wrote he was "impetuous". The relationship led to contention with her father, who went on to disown her.  Despite their very romantic legacy ("How do I love thee/let me count the ways" she wrote) , they "quarreled  frequently"  about everything from their son's hair to politics.   In this instance, the partner of the native with Mars=Sun/Moon won the hair argument.  I'm not sure that's a rule. 

Fireworks of varying degrees accompany progressed events.  When Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was arrested for having sex with an underage girl and the ensuing cover up, in which he told police to stay away because the girl was related to the Egyptian president, progressed Mars=Sun/Moon 10' orb, triggering his natal picture (which also included Uranus  

The varieties of Sun/Moon relationships are seen with the events that occur at the time of progressed contacts.   When Charlotte Bronte's natal picture was within 6' or orb, a man she liked married someone else.  Victor Hugo had the natal picture and progression 8' from exact when his wife began an affair but wanted to stay married.  They did. 

Mary Queen of Scots married Darnley SR Mars=Sun/Moon major aspect/+natal chart
"particularly unpleasant violent streak" 

The evidence for partners associated with military is spotty, to some extent because they aren't listed in the database.  Some of the references were elliptical.  Bill Gates' wife was on the drill team.  Upton Sinclair's wife wrote about a Daughter of the Confederacy.  There were incidences of spouses (primarily of rulers), who became involved with wars for reasons of family loyalty, one of those spouses made her war effort at the time P. Mars=Sun/Moon in her husband's chart.  A Tzar's wife developed a twitch during a revolt that eventually turned in to a convulsive shaking of her head.  When Lord Byron's died while involved with an Italian war (not fighting exactly), his friend Mary Shelley had P. Mars=Sun/Moon, triggering her natal picture.  He was a best friend to Mary and her now-dead husband.   There is no record of anything else between Mary and Byron.  Byron's  death, symbolized as a Sun/Moon event in Mary's chart, is as if  the marriage was a reference point for the friendship or that he was a feature of her marriage.   

Insofar as Mars association with athletes, there's not much evidence.  Neither of the two boxers' wives in the database had the picture.  But it was in the charts of  partners of two acrobats (Princess Stephanie and Burt Lancaster) and in at least a couple of  instances where it symbolized an enthusiast for a sport like tennis or golf; Ivana Trump has the natal picture.    

Mars=Sun/Moon cannot be delineated the same way as Venus=Mars.  

Events when P. Mars was between exact or within 10' of orb to the midpoint:

Elizabeth Barrett called Robert Browning "impetuous" after his first visit when his natal picture was triggered by a progression.  Their meeting led to contention with her father.  Their love story is literary history, but they "quarreled frequently about politics, about her interest in spiritualism, about how to bring up their son".  Characters who resented and even murdered their wives and mistresses popular his plays and poems before and after their marriage.  There is even fiction that depicts Browning as having murdered Elizabeth, albeit to put her out of her final agonies.  When he tried to remarry,  his rejected proposal was described as "insulting". 

When Peter the Great tired of his wife, he banished her to a convent, but when he learned she had a lover, he ordered him to be quartered and forced her to watch.  His son "suffered from the hatred between his father and his mother, as it was very difficult for him to feel affection for his mother's worst persecutor.   While an emphasized Mars placement is almost always present in cases of spousal abuse, but there was only a small incidence of Mars=sun/moon in the natal charts of victims or abusers or at the time of events, Peter notwithstanding.  Indeed, Chiron and even Uranus at the sun/moon midpoint  was more common in the solar returns marking these events, as well as the TNP Zeus which shares Martian qualities of war and weaponry. 
When Louis XV's natal picture became exact by progression, he "declared his passion" for the first of his many mistresses, after a difficult birth ended sexual relations with his wife.  It marked a lifestyle change, he stopped going to church and the public perceived mistresses were more important to him than his people.  The criticism strained the romance, they sniped at each other in public.  When she lost at cards, she remarked to him "It is not to be wondered at with you here".  She embarrassed him by using her influence to get a favor from an official, who'd fawned over her looks "It needs but one word from the beautiful mouth of a lovely lady like yourself and the business is done,” to which the annoyed King sneered “A beautiful mouth, indeed! I scarcely think you can plume yourself on that!”.  When the progressed contact was 10' from exact, sensing his boredom and wanting to maintain her tie, she introduced him to her younger sister, described as "enthusiastic".     His wife wrote her last will and testament when P. Mars was 6' from his sun/moon midpoint, and she died about a year later.

King Charles II England's wife was the object of attacks, accused of plotting, accusations of high treason and trying to kill her husband.  When progressed Mars was exact with the midpoint, she suffered a miscarriage (June 1669).  That same summer or early fall, she made "a last ditch effort" in a foreign war.  When King James II's wife gave birth, it was a contributing factor to the Glorious Revolution.  His 1st wife was described as having "courage, cleverness, and energy almost worthy of a King's blood"
Uma Thurman--"turbulent" relationship w volatile ex-Gary Oldmann.  (not sure about 2nd husband Ethan Hawke)

King James II  his wife was described as having "courage, cleverness, and energy almost worthy of a King's blood"
2nd wife's child a contributing factor to Glorious Revolution

Peter 1st 1st wife xudoxia and her son became the centre of opposition to Peter's reforms,

son's relations with his father suffered from the hatred between his father and his mother, as it was very difficult for him to feel affection for his mother's worst persecutor.  He had his ex-wife's lover quartered and made her watch.

Arthur Koestler 

1st wife: reserved manner but attracted to her "coiled manner of boldness.  When he was arrested and about to be executed, she greatly contributed to saving his life by a very intensive months-long lobbying "hounded" embassies; "energy and perseverence".  Divorced because "he resented her independent ways" and she resisted becoming subordinate to him.    He had a stormy personality and it spilled over into his relationships--threw a glass at Sartre's head when he flirted with Koestler's 2nd wife.  He and 3rd wife had suicide pact.  He wrote a letter to his 2nd wife about his sexual style: "Without an element of initial rape there is no delight."

Durer  He called her an "old crow" and made other vulgar remarks.r as a miserly shrew with a bitter tongue, who helped cause Dürer's death at a young age.

John Milton wife came from "noisy boistrous family"

Mary found life difficult with him and she returned to her family a month later. She did not return until 1645, partly because of the outbreak of the Civil War. Led to his writing pamphlets on divorce

Princess Stephanie major aspect

One husband her bodyguard
1 husband acrobat
another husband circus animal trainer

Events on progression

Louis XV  14 July 1738 He can't have marital relations with his wife any more (difficult childbirth)
the king “declared his passion” for a new mistress P. Mars=Sun/Moon exact

Berlusconi N. Mars and Uranus=Sun/Moon

P. Mars approx 10' orb Berlusconi was charged with paying for sex with nightclub dancer Karima El Mahroug (also known by the stage name Ruby Rubacuori) between February and May 2010, when she was one year below the legal 18 years age-limit for providing sexual services.[205][206] He was also charged with abusing his political powers in an attempt to cover up the relationship (by trying to persuade the police to release the girl while she was under arrest for theft, based on a false claim that she was a relative of Hosni Mubarak's 

RAW NOTES upton sinclair wife wrote about daughter of confederacy 
Leonard Bernstein Montealegre helped found an anti-war organization educating women against the war in Vietnam " 
bill gates wife was on the drill team 
, and perhaps there some other war-like allegiances that I couldn't detect; otherwise, there was no particular connection between partners and the military.   
Princess Stephanie married a bodyguard and an acrobat; Burt Lancaster, acrobat, John Wayne's wife loved tennis,
meet at a sports event Stewart Granger's father in law in sports, Lancaster married an acrobat, 
 Shirley Temple 1st huband P.T./ 2 husbands military 
ivana husband into golf 
claudia shiffer sawed in half 
ROBBIE KRIEGER  "Every time we had an argument, she used to get pissed off and go out the door, and she'd slam the door so loud the house would shake," 
 but the picture did not appear with any regularity in the charts of people married to soldiers, athletes or boxers.  
la fanu anxious
 mozart's father Bölzlschiessen was a form of domestic recreation that involved shooting darts at decorated targets with an air gun. It is remembered as an activity of Leopold Mozart, his family, and their friends. The most famous participant was Leopold's son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who began playing at the age of ten[1] 
spouse grows up in war conditions nervous twitching that became a convulsive shaking of her head.
"active assistant" 
lancaster + circus +wife broke bottle over his head
rita hayworth  "Basically, I am a good, gentle person, but I am attracted to mean personalities."
One husband hit her

abuse: madonna and sean

robin mcgraw domestic violence charity
ethel kennedy husband shot/jackie kennedy husband shot


A foreign partner; born in a foreign country
a partner who travels; a partner in the travel industry
a partner with with whom you travel. 
Very common when it's in the solar return.  

Jupiter=Sun/Moon partners often have travel or foreign attributes.  They may meet the partner on a trip, travel or relocate together.  The partner's own life might necessitate travel for one or both.   That applies to natal charts as well as solar and lunar returns.

  • Steve Martin married Victoria Tennant (born in England)
  • Wes Craven married a flight attendant; his 3rd wife has a foreign name but no info on her birth place (also Saturn=Sun/Moon),  Benjamin Netanyahu's wife was a flight attendant he met on his way to New York.
  • George Clooney's wife was born in Beirut
  • Dylan McDermott's wife is Iranian/American.  She was born here, but her father has a TV show in Iran and her mother had a show in Iran.  In other words, her family has a big presence in Iran.
  • Sarkozi married an Italian
  • Marie Antoinette born in Austria; married King of France
  • Edward VIII Duke of Windsor married an American (Wallis Simpson)
  • Abdul Nasser he was Egyptian, married Iranian
  • Jack London--long term romantic friendship with a Russian but interestingly, after he died, his widow "ensured his writings would become published worldwide...her most significant activity to publicize London's works was trips abroad".  
  • T.S. Eliot married English women 2x (he also had Neptune and Uranus=Sun/Moon)
  • Benjamin Netanyahu met his current wife while she was working as a flight attendant on a flight from NY to Israel
  • Event Richard Lionheart betrothed to French princess Alys P. Jupiter=sun/Moon between exact and 5' orb March 1168--Jan 1169
  • When her French son married a Polish princess, Sarah's Bernhard's progressed picture of Jupiter=Sun/Moon was exact, another illustration of a Sun/Moon event she was close to, but not a part of.  When Prince George had progressed Jupiter=Sun/Moon (2' orb),  he toured Canada with his parents.  Family trips aren't rare, but a tour of  another continent had some extra import.
 From the standpoint of distance/travel and relationship, natal sun in Gemini, Venus/Jupiter aspects and the TNP Apollon=sun/moon also correspond with these circumstances.   

But transiting Jupiter=Sun/Moon is less likely to involve travel or foreigners.   And while transiting stations are more likely to have more significance, even ordinary transits of Jupiter to the midpoint may time an important relationship event: Mark Zuckerberg met his wife with that transit (Left: transiting Jupiter is "B")  and Brittney Spears married for 55 hours (Right).   More often, an ordinary (rather than stationing) contact may just mark an attraction or a  bounce in an ongoing relationship.  
Transit of Jupiter=Sun/Moon can be pleasant but probably unimportant, unless it's a station.

Here's an instance were Jupiter was just lucky: P. JUPITER=SUN/MOON 4' ORB HUSAND AND WIFE WIN LOTTERY TOGETHER

T. Jupiter Station=Sun/Moon--couple marries (T. Jupiter in 7th too)

T. Jupiter=Sun/Moon Mark Zuckerberg met his wife 11/7/2003

T. Jupiter station=Sun/Moon Brittney Spears married first husband on an impulse.  (55 hour marriage)

N. Jupiter=Sun/Moon

Steve Martin married Victoria Tennant (born in England)
Wes Craven married a flight attendant; his 3rd wife has a foreign name but no info on her birth place

Thomas Hardy natal picture; no foreign or travel
2nd marriage P. Jupiter=Sun/Moon 5' orb

Grace Kelley met Prince Ranier April-May 1955.  Her LR Jupiter=Sun/Moon (She's natal Venus/Jupiter)

Natal+T. Jupiter=Sun/moon
Friedrich Engels he was a German who partnered with 2 English women.  He never married the first, because neither believed in a bourgeois institution, but they lived together for many years and her sister lived with them.
When his first partner died, her sister became his partner.  They married just hours before she died.  T. Jupiter was on his sun/moon midpoint.  He also had Mercury sextile Venus.

?? Event: Gallileo draws "new" celestial objects, calls them fixed stars, one is Neptune
Nova delineation: "fortunately friendship", also involved in this period was Christina of Florence , his supporter 12/15/1613  

Nova delineation: "day of good luck"
 Franz Joseph survives assassination attempt; P. Jupiter=sun/moon 1' orb  approaching; 
1' orb separating he engaged to a German (he's Austrian)

.  Langston Hughes was a three month old when his progression was exact and father left the family for Cuba and Mexico.

But transiting Jupiter=Sun/Moon is less likely to involve travel or foreigners.   And while transiting stations are more likely to have more significance, even ordinary transits of Jupiter to the midpoint may time an important relationship event: Mark Zuckerberg met his wife with that transit (Left: transiting Jupiter is "B")  and Brittney Spears married for 55 hours (Right).   More often, an ordinary (rather than stationing) contact may just mark an attraction or a  bounce in an ongoing relationship.  

?? Event...Alexandre Dumas HIS FATHER DIED P. Jupiter about 1 or 2' away
??  Event... Mary of Teck same picture; her son died

??Burt Bacharach married 3x.  He was professionally successful with his 2nd wife. No apparent Jupiter evidence.

?? Lots of people have it who have no Jupiter evidence that I can discern:
Sylvester Stallone
Brad Pitt
Barack Obama
Betty Ford
Aaron Spelling
Diana Ross
Katherine Hepburn
Janis Joplin
Jennifer Anniston
Gallileo never married but had 3 children with mothers were do not appear to be foreign 
Marilyn Manson ?? he got married in Ireland (to an American)


Problems, separation . (N, P, SR, T) Desire to separate or separation for emotional or circumstantial reasons such as travel. (P, SR, T)

Princess Mako of Japan Cut off from royal family/activities as a result of marriage partner - major aspect; tight orb 

Sean Connery widowed at age 43. (major aspect)

Eva Braun N. Saturn=Sun/Moon major aspect and tight orb

Balzac couldn't marry the woman he loved until 5 months before he died.

A progression or transiting station is more obvious:

N. Saturn=Sun/Moon (64H/5') Scott Peterson murdered his wife DOB 10/24/1972 9:36AM San Diego, Ca.


Pamela Anderson files for divorce T. Saturn=Sun/Moon

Back to natal Saturn=Sun/Moon

Sometimes it's more obvious than others.
Some people in the database with Saturn=Sun/Moon were wild or unstable and that spilled over into their relationships lives--Billy Holiday, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean, Edmund White (a porn writer who had sex with 2000 people).

Naturally, among all those charts, there had to be an example of a really bad marriage: Tatum O'Neal, whose ex-husband eventually took their kids too (she had drug problems).

Some people in the data base just had an imperfect or complicated marriage
JFK Sr. for example.

And Antony Burgess (Clockwork Orange) who stayed unhappily married to his first wife until she died and then married the mother of his four year old child.  They were happy for 25 years.  They believed in tax havens: "Exiled in Monaco, Burgess often claimed that he had no friends except his wife, but he maintained that the small civilisation of their marriage was sufficient."

Abraham Lincoln

Also had Moon/Saturn=Aries
Depressed wife

Client--she's got Venus=Saturn=Sun/Moon

Married late, marriage is imperfect, but far from bad.

T. Saturn=Sun/Moon Peter Townsend's chart when his relationship with Margaret is outed, leading to their separation that same month 

Others, who had or have been in long marriages, were a surprise

Princess Grace
Jamie Lee Curtis
Barry Gibb
Phil Donohue (one divorce, one long happy marriage)


Richard Nixon is an example of N. Saturn=Sun/Moon describing his parents' relationship.  His father's family and mother's family didn't like each other.  In 1922, P. Saturn=Sun/Moon.  He was just 9 years old.  His father sold a house that his mother's father had sold him.  Father lost money; accused his wife's (Nixon's mother) father of swindling him.  P. Saturn exact again in 1942.  He went to war, a normal separation.
He was accused of hitting his wife in 1962; alledgedly she wanted to leave.  Can't find an exact time for this.  P. Saturn=his Sun/Moon between September--November 1962.

Of course, it can show up in the work of artists who have Saturn=Sun/Moon

Terrence Rattigan, dramatist, his work 'confronted issues of sexual frustration, failed relationships and adultery', 

T. Saturn=Prince Charles' Sun/Moon

Book about Charles/Diana marriage released
These days, Uranus=Sun/Moon commonly describes a relationship with a technical
 component such as the partner's  tech job or connecting through an app.   
Before the advent of tech, and still true today,
Uranus=Sun/Moon, like Venus/Uranus aspects,
symbolize alternative relationship conditions that contrast with the mainstream. 
Despite flouting convention, some of these partnerships endured.
Martin Luther married a nun in a reform movement after he helped her flee the monastery.
Their marriage appears to have been for him,  a role reversal.
  He called her "the boss".
 "Her dominance was inconsistent with his theory of gender relations in the fallen world
...he learned to tolerate her rule in the home with good cheer".
Another: "became close" with his  friend's mother when she was widowed,
and lived with her until her death (William Cowper).
Another: with the same picture impulsively married an admirer after a

short correspondence and they stayed happily married (Francis James).  

Elizabeth I N. Uranus=Sun/Moon
Chose not to marry; life long flirtation with Robert Dudley
(She also had Sun=Venus/Mars exactly; probably stayed a virgin)

Garbo N. Uranus=Sun/Moon (13')=Aries

Catherine of Sienna too independent to marry; the big transit when she refused marriage was Saturn in Libra opposite N. Aries sun

John Milton 1st wife was 16; they were married one month before she left.  She might have left for political sectarian reasons.  He became interested in studying divorce and  wrote tract on divorce. While they were separated, he tried to convince another woman to marry him, telling her that even tho he was still legally married,  his marriage should have resulted in divorce.  After they reconciled, she died in childbirth, as did his 2nd wife.  He lived peacefully with his 3rd wife for 10 years.   They were all considerably younger than he was.

Sudden events:

Blaise Pascal was contemplating marrying but he had an accident and decided to turn his life over to God.

Prince Albert Victor proposed marriage, died a month before the wedding.  Earlier that year he was in love with someone else.

Frances Jammes 18th--19th century poet married an admirer after a short period of writing letters.  Stayed happily married.

Robert Hooke 17 century scientist; love of his life was his neice.  Several sexual relationships, no marriage.

William Cowper 17th Century poet
Relationship with friend's mother; after her husband died they became close but didn't marry when he had one of several depressed episodes.  But they continued to live together until her death.

Ernest Hemingway Natal picture  + progression
He was unhappy with his then-wife's press career.  He refused to help her with a press pass, forcing her to travel on a plane full of explosives.  By the time she landed, he was in the hospital, injured in an auto accident, but she divorced him anyway.  That wasn't a problem for Hemingway since he had already proposed to his next wife, with whom he stayed married until his death by suicide.-when P. Uranus=Sun/Moon he met and married Mary Welsh Hemingway.  She's independent type; successful daring journalist.  They stayed married til he died.

Belle Boyd confederate spy

Marcel Proust closeted gay men have every kind of symbolism on their sun/moon midpoints--Saturn, Chiron...
When his boyfriend drowned Proust had T. Neptune=Sun/Moon (=T. Uranus)
and SR Neptune=Sun/Moon 64H
Here is some evidence for Sun/Moon midpoint and same sex relationships

T.S. Eliot also had Neptune=Sun/Moon and wife was hospitalized.  Woolf spoke of Vivienne as a “bag of ferrets” around his neck, forever “biting, wriggling, raving, scratching.”

Here are 2 gender role reversals, for their time in history: Martin Luther and Queen Anne:

Queen Anne of Great Britain happily married; husband inactive; she wore the pants--not typical marrage fir 17th century, even for a Queen.

Martin Luther married a nun in a reform movement; he had helped her flee the monastery.  He called her "the boss".  "Her dominence was inconsistent with his theory of gender relations in the fallen world...he learned to tolerate her rule in the home with good cheer".  

Hitler N. Uranus=Sun/Moon 47' orb/Pluto=Sun/Moon 57' orb

His neice (he said the love of his life) committed suicide T. Uranus=Sun/Moon
(T. Vulcanus=Moon/Chiron)

Recently divorced Gloria Vanderbilt married Leopold Stokowsky when his progression was exact.  That marriage did not last


Partner is in medical profession or has health, alcohol or drug issues. (N, P, SR, T)   
  At the time of a transit or progression, the partner may have a health episode or you may be involved together with someone else's health concern, for example, that of a family member.   

Water is a common factor: meeting at the beach, marrying on a boat, a partner who likes boats or works with marine life.  Less common, but still Neptunian, are partners in the oil or chemical industries. 

 T.S. Eliot had both Uranus and Neptune=Sun/Moon.  Before his wife was committed to an asylum for the remainder of her life, she was described as a “bag of ferrets” around his neck, forever “biting, wriggling, raving, scratching.”  Eliot first noticed her in a boat on a river, with P. Neptune no further than 2' from the midpoint. 

Brahms: SR for Shubert's attempted suicide by drowning; he's close to the Shuberts 

There were a number of instances of secret marriages, and at least one instance of mystery.  Queen Elizabeth I famously never married, but had many suitors and one serious flame, Robert Dudley, who was married when they met and fell in love.  When Queen Elizabeth I had the transit of Neptune to the Sun/Moon midpoint, Dudley's wife died as a result of a fall, but the circumstances were mysterious, still debated today. His wife had a "malady in one of her breasts", which was by one speculation, a contributing factor.  Elizabeth loved Dudley as much as she would ever love a man, now he was available, but the uncertainty over the death and any association that might have with their marriage, cast a pall over a marriage of Elizabeth and Dudley.  Elizabeth was born with the minor natal aspect. 

dreiser separated not divorced
w p. was 1' orb his unmarried sister/stillborn baby buried in secret
before he was born father unlucky: fire, accidents, cheated

saddam hussein married without divorce
Saddam Hussein forced Shahbandar to divorce her first husband.[5] In 1986, Shahbandar was married to Saddam Hussein in secret.[5][4] In the late 1980s, Shahbandar appeared in public with Saddam Hussein.[5]

Getty bigamous not divorced (2nd wife)

 Mata Hari, the courtesan/spy was born on a Neptune station.  Her husband was an alcoholic.  Both she and her husband both infected their children with syphilis.  She was recruited as a spy so that she could visit the love of her life, who'd gone blind went blind during the war.

A handful of people with the midpoint picture had health issues so severe as to affect every other part of their lives. John Keats died of tuberculosis at age 25.  He was in love and in his short but important writing career inspired to write about his romantic ideal.  His natal picture was exact by progression when he was a child, 1804 his father died in a riding accident in which alcohol was a factor.  His mother quickly remarried a man she hoped would take over her dead husband's job.  But he wasn't and she left and the children were left to their grandparents.  

Stenbeck's wiffe: they met at a lake 
worked at biological lab on the coast of Monterey, selling biological samples of small animals, fish, rays, starfish, turtles, and other marine forms 
He was a Pisces

John Edwards T. Neptune=Sun/Moon - wife's cancer returns.

Eva Braun 

N. Neptune and Saturn=Sun/Moon
P. Neptune=Sun/Moon 1' orb; Hitler has surgery

Dr. Alois Alzheimer N. Neptune=Sun/Moon 64H/3' orb)

Met his wife while treating her husband.  T. Neptune conjunct his N. Venus

Mary Baker Eddy Sun=Moon=Chiron

One of her husbands was a dentist

Dauphin's son falls off a horse (progression of Neptune=Sun/Moon exact), dies less than 2 years later of tumor /father has picture (natal+)  P. Neptune=sun/moon

Theodore Dreiser separated never divorced
w p. was 1' orb his unmarried sister/stillborn baby buried in secret
before he was born father unlucky: fire, accidents, cheated

Saddam Hussein married without divorce
Saddam Hussein forced Shahbandar to divorce her first husband.[5] In 1986, Shahbandar was married to Saddam Hussein in secret.[5][4] In the late 1980s, Shahbandar appeared in public with Saddam Hussein.[5]

Getty bigamous not divorced (2nd wife)

Partner in finance. (N, P, SR, T)
Partner is undergoing important financial event, financial issues with the partner. (P, SR, T)

George Washington married a very wealthy widow

Liliane Bettencourt met photographer she became his benefactor, bestowing gifts upon him estimated to be worth as much as €1.3 billion. These gifts include, amongst other things, a life insurance policy worth €253 million in 2003, another life insurance policy worth €262 million in 2006,[23] 11 works of art in 2001 valued at €20 million, including paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian, Delaunay and Lége
He was brought up on charges by her daughter.  Progressed Pluto=Sun/Moon exactly 1987 

ROBIN WILLIAMS  N.  PLUTO=SUN/MOON Divorces cost him Big $ 

(Clint Eastwood N. Pluto=Venus/Mars He had palimony suit)

N. Pluto=Sun/Moon
 Louis XVI married to Marie Antoinette, spendthrift
T. Pluto=Sun/Moon 1775 she ramps up spending on clothes and gambling, tarnishes reputation
P. Pluto=Sun/Moon 1783-1784 she's more serious about politics; nominates Financial Minister; her influence "becomes paramount".

Maid who married a Rockfeller Sun/Moon=Jupiter=Uranus=Pluto=Node 64H
also Scorpio North Node June 10, 1938 2AM Norway

Marla Maples Trump Jupiter=Pluto=Sun/Moon

Another couple was able, to became part of a community with an experimental economic model in 1932 that still exists today.   

2 lottery winners-partners were involved
Gillian Bayford won big lottery with her husband Pluto=Sun/Moon major aspect
Victoria Grell N. Pluto=Sun/Moon 64H...bought ticket in husband's name P. Venus=Jupiter/Uranus 4' orb major aspect

This one isn't common:  Lacy Peterson had this exactly when she was killed.  
Natal Mars=Sun/Moon
T. Pluto square Mars=Sun/Moon midpoint
She also had Saturn = Venus Mars--it wasn’t working sexually.

Node=Sun/Moon describes a relationship that includes someone else.  An illustration of node combined with Pluto at the midpoint: composer Franz Liszt, apparently wildly attractive to many people, was a financial recipient of financial gifts from at least one girlfriend while "during all the time he had love affairs with others". 

The picture may point to an event involving another couple, a couple you're close to but not part of.  When George Washington had the progressed picture 4' from exact, the love of his life married someone else.     Among children, it may mean another couple lives with your parents, such as grandparents or in-laws.

Events at the time of a contact often describe another couple  When Paul McCartney had progressed node=sun/moon 2' from exact, his friend John Lennon met his future wife, who was engaged to someone else at the time.  When McCartney met Lennon, McCartney's P. Node=Sun/Moon about 3' orb.  It was the only evidence so far, of this kind of relationship.

Triangulated relationships may be the most common manifestation, including in a SR.  The affair of Admiral Nelson and Mrs. Hamilton, immortalized in film and song, began when his solar return had Node=Sun/Moon.  Poet Paul Verlaine was married and left his wife when he met Rimbaud.  He had the midpoint picture appear in his natal chart and in the solar return chart when they met (the complete picture was Uranus=Node=Sun/Moon.   

There is no pattern as to who triangulates.  Both Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Bill Clinton had natal chart pictures.  When Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie in 2003, it was Jennifer Anniston's SR that contained Node=Sun/Moon; the picture appeared in Pitt's 12/2003 SR

In at least one instance, the families of children with Node=Sun/Moon  are affected by a romantic triangle around them.  Her father's affair with her governess is immortalized by artist Louise Bourgeous (natal picture) "through ritual repetition" in her art, writing and photographs of the affair.  But among children, it also may mean another couple lives with your parents, such as grandparents or in-laws.

There are instances where paternity is a factor.  H.G. Wells had many affairs.  While the P. node stationed within 7' orb for years, he arranged for the marriage of a woman carrying his child--to someone else. When the contact was exact, Wells wrote a novel getting back at a couple a couple who'd attacked the "sordid intrigue" being discussed here.  When Honore Balzac's natal aspect became exact by progression, he fathered his only child, whose mother was married to someone else.  At the same time, he wrote about relationship rivalries and marriages arranged by the machinations of others. 

I use both the mean and true nodes.

Camilla Saturn=Uranus=Node=Sin/Moon

Chiron=Sun/Moon,ents.  The partner's physical/mental health issues are common.  Otherwise, some noticeable dysfunction arises from or befalls the relationship.  Jaycee Duggard was abducted as a child and had 2 children with abductor.  Born with natal Sun=Moon=Chiron, when she was kidnapped her p. MC=Sun/Moon (AA chart). 

Prince Andrew has the natal picture. When it was exact by progression, his parents didn't show up for his 1st birthday party. 

Jay-Z T. Chiron=Sun/Moon his wife releases "Lemonade" refers to his extramartial affair
When an old sex tape was found. T. Chiron=Sun/Moon

Girlfriend (intentionally?) slashes an artery 
SR Chiron=Sun/Moon 

Famous painting of couple kissing wearing hoods
Magritte N. Chiron=Sun/Moon 

The annulment of John Ruskin's unconsummated marriage was a huge public embarrassment.  His wife testified publicly that her private parts were displeasing to him and the inference was made that he was impotent.  He'd known her since childhood.  She turned down his first proposal.  She already had "an understanding" with a soldier and flirting with several others.  One biographer wrote about her father's bad financial situation and the advantage of marriage into the wealthy Ruskin family.  None of John's family attended the wedding.  He never consummated the marriage and after a short time, she and her family had shored up some resources, and she was back with the soldiers.  Duels were fought over her, including 2 challenges to Ruskin.   After the annulment, Ruskin never had another relationship; his ex "ended any hopes he had of finding happiness with another young girl he liked, by warning the girl's parents about him."  One year after the annulment, his ex wife married and went on to have 8 children.  Ruskin's parents' relationship was also interesting: due to financial pressures his parents stayed engaged for most 10 years and then married "without celebration".  Ruskin was born a year later.  He was their only child.

Thomas Mann, born with the picture had a happy marriage to a woman with a good spirit.  Between age  22- 27 she had given birth to four children and suffered two miscarriages; that plus the typing and arranging appointments while running the house.  She became ill.  The references to sanitariums in his work is about their own experiences, with a condition that ultimately went misdiagnosed.   His natal Mars=Chiron=Sun/Moon.  

Ceres=Sun/MoonPartner in food or consumables; possibly animal involvement.  Paul McCartney--whose first wife, Linda, was a vegetarian who started a company that manufactured frozen vegetarian meals--has the asteroid Ceres (associated with nourishment) on his natal Sun/Moon midpoint as well as in his 7th house.

??Nancy Mitford--Ceres 7th

Work with partner or meet partner at work.  1989, Barrack Obama went work at a law firm, where Michelle was assigned to show him the ropes.  "She explained billable hours to me and the rest is history".  His Solar Return for that year contained Pallas=Sun/Moon

Pallas=Sun/Moon also appeared in a client's SR, when she began a business relationship with a married couple.  In still another person's SR, it represented hiring a professional matchmaker--someone in the relationship profession.

Natal Pallas=Sun/Moon FDR 

Juno=Sun/Moon Partner is beautiful
Partner is in decorative profession (including building). (N, P, SR, T*)Time when partner is redecorating or upgrading wardrobe, buying decorative items. (P, SR, T*)

Vesta=Sun/MoonPartner is in real estate. (N, P, SR, T*)Time when you move in with partner or acquire property with partner. (P, SR, T*)

Karen Carpenter N. Vesta=Sun/Moon 64H/8'

Married real estate guy (also Vulcanus=Sun/Moon; hard to understand this part)

Married a widow with land. She died young and left him the land
Albrecht Von Vallenstein

Cupido=Sun/MoonPartner is an artist or strongly associated with an art. A relationship is the subject of a work of art. (N, SR, T) ,  Desi Arnaz, the husband and business partner of the entertainment industry titan, Lucille Ball, had Cupido (symbolizing art and entertainment on his natal Sun/Moon midpoint. 

Maria Von Trapp Cupido=Sun/Moon
Married Baron Von Trapp toured with him and his children singing

Hades=Sun/MoonPartner has blue collar job or a lower social class. 
Partnership exists in rough, unrefined or dirty surroundings or circumstances. (N, SR,)
In some instances the word "unattractive" to describe partner

???Both JFK and Jackie had Hades=Sun/Moon
Her 2nd husband was more apparently Hades; less refined than she was,

"The case of the miserable muse", she scowled.  His wife was a secret.  They were poor until his father died.  By the time his family knew about her, he publicly said he had no feelings for her and they lived apart.   He disinherited her.  

Mallarme had gone to England and a governess 'followed him back'.  they got married. no other reports about it.  maybe governness is considered servant class?

Here's an example where the sun/moon midpoint is describing ANOTHER couple; a couple you're not part of:
When P. Hades was on her Sun/Moon midpoint, Bernadine Dorhe adopted the child of a married couple who were going to prison

Partner is firefighter, in the army, or involved with guns/war. (N, SR, T)

Some spousal abuse

Lana Turner her daughter murdered her boyfriend 
SR Sun=Moon=Venus=Saturn=Zeus

Natal--O.J. Simpson 
Natal Nicole Brown Simpson (minor aspect) She was murdered w Venus/Zeus SA Sun

Abuse+shot/killed by husband
Sun/Moon=Zeus=Chiron=Apollon 64H (N. Neptune=Sun/Moon/he was intoxicated)
DOB 6/15/1965 8:16AM Red Bluff CA

Murdered wife "butchered" 64H
DOB 12/18/1957 1 20AM Plymouth Mass

Frank Sinatra Zeus=Sun/Moon

Nicolas Cage arrested for spousal abuse N. Zeus=Sun/Moon

Natal--client whose husband's company manufactured defective part that caused heat to build up in the Challenger before explosion; her next boyfriend's mother died as a result of a fire.
Natal--the girlfriend of a client in the defense industry

?? JFK had Saturn=Zeus=Sun/Moon???
Jackie's miscarriages?

See Venus/Zeus

Kronos=Sun/Moon Partner is in the government or your boss.
In one instance it described the boss and HIS wife.

Nancy Reagan's N. Sun/Moon=Aries=Kronos  
Marilyn Monroe N. Kronos =Sun/Moon (22 1/2 20' orb)
SR of client who represented his government in international industry.

Some evidence of legal/government issues connected to relationship

Bill Cosby SR for extortion trial related to paternity

Charles Manson P. Kronos=Sun/Moon
Marries so that woman can't testify against him; charged with Mann Act regulates transporting women for "immoral purposes"

Mary Kay LeTourneau SR she's arrested for rape.

Julian Assange SR when rape allegations were investigated by Swedish government Swedish police issued an international arrest warrant via Interpol for Assange.  SR Hades=Kronos=Sun/Moon

Britney Spears married twice in one SR year with Kronos=Sun/Moon

Peter Seller natal
Is this it?  Britt Ecklund's father  captain of the Swedish national curling team, and he also became president of the International Curling Association, In 1966 (they were still marrried!)  he was awarded with the Svenska Curlingförbundets Guldmedalj by the Swedish Curling Association.[3] In 1966 he was inducted into the Swedish Curling Hall of Fame.

Apollon=Sun/Moon The partner comes from a distant place, you meet in a distant place.

Lindbergh met his future wife in Mexico Sun/Moon SA Apollon Decemeber 1927

Priscilla Presley met Elvis in Germany with Venus and Apollon--symbolizing long distances--on her solar return's  Sun/Moon midpoint (Venus and Apollon also symbolize music!)

VICTOR HUGO N. APOLLON=SUN/MOON 2' orb; He was born on an station of Apollon.

 Even tho when he married, Apollon was exactly on the Sun/Moon midpoint, this is one of those instances when it's describing relationships in his life that he's not part of.

Like his parents:  Since Hugo's father was an officer, the family moved frequently and Hugo learned much from these travels. On a childhood family trip to Naples, Hugo saw the vast Alpine passes and the snowy peaks, the magnificently blue Mediterranean, and Rome during its festivities. Though he was only five years old at the time, he remembered the six-month-long trip vividly. They stayed in Naples for a few months and then headed back to Paris.
At the beginning of her marriage, Hugo's mother Sophie followed her husband to posts in Italy (where Léopold served as a governor of a province near Naples) and Spain (where he took charge of three Spanish provinces). 
And the books/poems he was writing about at the time: a Norwegian love story and and French/Haitian love story.

Ernest Hemingway 1921 SR Apollon=Sun/Moon 22' orb; he marries and they move to Paris


Greta Garbo/P. Admetos=Sun/Moon 64H exact when she lived/didn't live with John Gilbert. 1' from exact when she didn't show up for wedding.  The obvious major indicator for that was N. Chiron=Venus/Saturn and T. Chiron=Venus/Saturn

Piaf's husband (last husband) he had a short wife

King Edward VI never successfully betrothed, died before he could marry Sun=Moon=Admetos


Marianne Alireza (rodden) American adventuress who married an Arab and lived in his harem
Jupiter conjunct North Node in Libra on MC

Bill Clinton met Hillary--SR Vulcanus=Sun/Moon "I felt a force..."

When Bill met Hillary, his SR contained Vulcanus=Sun/Moon.  Upon seeing her for the first time "Bill was so smitten and curious, he followed Hillary out of the classroom, intending to introduce himself to her but when he came within two feet of her, A FORCE LARGER THAN HIMSELF STOPPED HIM FROM TAPPING HER ON THE SHOULDER.  "IT WAS ALMOST A PHYSICAL REACTION...SOMEHOW I KNEW THIS WASN'T ANOTHER TAP ON THE SHOULDER, THAT I MIGHT BE STARTING SOMETHING I COULDN'T STOP".

President Warren Harding began extra-marital affair summer 1905/P. Vulcanus 1' from Sun/Moon midpoint

Joe DiMaggio meets Marilyn Monroe SR Vulcanus=Sun/Moon

Harder to understand:  Matt Dillon Vulcanus=Sun/Moon and never married??


Partner is religious or involved in a cause or ideology.  Some evidence for relationship and ocean

  • Thomas More Archbishop of Canterbury hanged when he wouldn't condone King Henry VIII divorce
  • Tammy Faye Baker SR when she met Jim Bakker in bible school
  • King George III married a simple Quaker girl before he married the Queen.
  • Salvadore Dali's wife: her mother was forbidden by church to marry stepfather (64H)
David O. Selznick married at sea SR Poseidon=Sun/moon 
Pamela Anderson N. picture

CHIRON=SUN/MOON Thomas Mann Mars=Chiron=Sun/Moon

Happy marriage to a woman with a good spirit.  She became ill.  She had given birth to four children and suffered two miscarriages in less than five years. In addition, she typed for her husband and arranged his appointments on top of the tasks of a large household.  took care of her six children and husband. She was not just the good spirit of the family, but the connection point that kept them all together. She taught her children, was her husband's manager, and was the family provide
 (Mann was also semi-closeted gay.)

Jaycee Duggard abducted as a child; had 2 children with abductor
P. MC=Sun/Moon 5' orb June 11, 1991 (AA rated chart)



Ricki Lake

1st marriage quick; 2nd marriage eloped.  She's got a complicated horoscope for relationship: Venus opposite Saturn and North Node in Aries/South Node Libra.  

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew Chiron=Sun/Moon 

P. Chiron=Sun/Moon his parents didn't show up for his 1st b'day

? Victor Hugo
Chiron=Sun/Moon a partner in health or with a physical or mental health condition.

N. Chiron=Sun/Moon = Aries (64H/5' orb) T.S. Eliot whose wife was institutionalized.

Jodie Foster LR 3/31/1981 she gets love letter from John Hinkley, he then tries to assasinate reagan

Nancy Spungen killed by Sid Vicious Chiron=Sun/Moon, after a timultuous relationship chronicaled in "Sid and Nancy".  When she died, she had P.Sun=Pluto (64H/ 1' orb); SR had Venus=Chiron=Zeus (see Chiron/Zeus)

 He had N. Sun/Venus/South Node in 7th house in Taurus square Pluto 10th and TRINE Jupiter Virgo 11th. SR contained Venus=Mars=Saturn=Pluto=Zeus (both had Venus and Zeus but no pregnancy...this is one of those war-like Zeus situations)

John Rusken
Uncommsumated marriage; repulsed by wife's anatomy; he never partnered again; she went on to marry and have many children.  Rusken also had Chiron=Venus/Mars (48' orb)

Johnny Weismuller
2nd wife killed herself but it was after their divorce.

Verlaine left his wife for him; stormy relationship; eventually shot by Verlaine.  "Begged a policeman to arrest" Verlaine who served time in prison as a result.

Tiger Woods N. Chiron=Sun/Moon (+assault by wife when she learned of infidelity)

Roseanne N. Chiron=Sun/Moon

Judy Garland N. Chiron=Sun/Moon

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew Chiron=Sun/Moon 
P. Chiron=Sun/Moon his parents didn't show up for his 1st b'day

George VI  (Elizabeth’s Father) N. Chiron=Sun/Moon
I think this symbolizes the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  The Sun/Moon can represent a couple you are part of, or a couple you are not a part of--a couple that is really important—life-changing,as a couple.  

George Duke of Kent--married but maintained wild personal lifestyle, arrested for prostitution related crime with Noel Coward--dressed as women

?? Tony Blair; Albert of Monacco

Pluto=Sun/MoonPartner in finance or who is undergoing important financial event, financial issues with the partner.  Small incidence of murdering the partner. Jealousy

Husband/Wife won lottery.  She had natal picture.  P. Jupiter=Sun/Moon when they won.



In a woman’s solar return, the sun on the midpoint of the moon and another planet describes a man with another woman in his life, not necessarily an illicit relationship. The other planet describes the woman.

Sun=Moon/MercuryThe other woman is a teacher or student, a writer or identified with printing or a letter--or a vehicle.

Sun=Moon/VenusThe man’s mother.


Sun=Moon/JupiterThe woman is traveling or an out-of-towner.

Sun=Moon/SaturnThe woman is older, often the mother.

Sun=Moon/UranusThe woman is identified with technology, internet or e-mail.

Sun=Moon/NeptuneThe woman is in medicine or has health issues.

Sun=Moon/PlutoThe woman is in finance or identified with a financial situation.

Sun=Moon/NodeAnother woman.

Sun=Moon/CeresThe woman is in the food industry or identified with food.

Sun=Moon/PallasThe woman is someone with whom he works, or has job event/change are .

Sun=Moon/JunoThe woman is in fashion, currently building or redecorating, or identified with a decorative item such as a gift.

Sun=Moon/VestaThe woman is in real estate or is moving.

Sun=Moon/CupidoThe man is married.

Sun=Moon/HadesThe woman is of a lower social class.


Sun=Moon/KronosThe woman is a boss or with the government.

Sun=Moon/ApollonThe woman is out of town.


Sun=Moon/VulcanusThe woman is powerful or intense.

Sun=Moon/PoseidenThe woman is religious, political or involved in a cause

Sun/Moon Astrological Services

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Anonymous said...

How interesting! So if sun=moon/node means there's another woman, what does sun=moon/AC mean? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Not a lot on Midpoints anywhere. I bought a book on them once, but it wasn't that helpful. This site is great! I'm so glad I ran into it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is accurate. In my 2016-2017 SR my SR Sun/Moon midpoint was in Aquarius which is related to science and indeed the guy I met and dated that year had a good career in the scientific field and was also an Aquarius himself and had his natal Sun conjunct my Solar Return Sun/Moon midpoint. How uncanny! His natal Saturn also unfortunately conjuncted my SR Sun/Moon mp and the breakup was emotional and difficult for me.

I'm Faith McInerney. I'm an astrologer based in NYC. said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry about your experience.

Sometimes knowing the astrology is helpful...

Best regards, Faith

Lovelife said...

My Sun/Moon midpoint has NO major aspect with any planet/asteroid by conjunction,square or opposition.

I wonder then, would one consider a sextile as significant? This since the major aspects(even the trine) is missing?

I have Uranus in tight sextile with Sun/Moon midpoint 🤷🏾‍♂️

I'm Faith McInerney. I'm an astrologer based in NYC. said...

Sextile aspects are not usually used for midpoints. Not everyone has a planet at the natal midpoint. Altho you don't know that for sure without looking at the aspects it makes on a dial.

But sooner or later everyone has a planet on the midpoint in a solar or lunar return.

I hope that helps