Tuesday, August 7, 2018



  • EDUCATION (Public Schools Education Leaders)
.   Hillary Clinton N. Mercury=Kronos
   Kronos=Mercury exactly: Law Review Ed. Board
   P. Mercury=Kronos   P. Mercury=Kronos exact: 
   Chaired AK Educ. Comm'n, legislature made her recommendations law  

P. Mercury=P. Kronos exact
He makes donation to a public school

Trump makes disparaging comment about intelligence
P. Mercury coming to Saturn/Kronos 10/18

.  Sibling important: Princess Margaret (N)
.  Anecdotal: author of mountaineering books

Wrote a book about his years in the CIA DOB 1/23/1929
Mercury=Kronos semi octile
also Hades/Kronos=Aries A legal battle erupted over its publication and would have far-reaching implications, establishing that government employees who have access to classified information can be enjoined for the rest of their lives from disclosing it or discussing it, even after they leave the government. His cousin was involved, but not sure why she's  Kronos

Mitt Romney speech on why he voted guilty in Trump impeachment
P. Mercury=Kronos 3' orb ssq
Also P. Zeus=P. Kronos 2' orb major aspect; triggered by P. Sun 64H 
P, Saturn=Apollon/Vulcanus
P. Mars=Apollon 2' orb (?)

Set a police car on fire Mercury square Zeus and Kronos
Wayne Fontana 10/28/1945

Emily Dickinson "Master Letters"

??The game of chess?
Bobby Fishcher Mercury/Kronos=Asc/Mars/Pallas

?? Francisco Marto P. Kronos=Mercury
at the time of Fatima vision

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