Sunday, September 2, 2007


Lowbrow publications
Vehicular issues
Siblings' health or other concerns
Education: unaccredited; inner city 
Pessimism; profanity, dark humor, 

Queen Elizabeth P. Hades=Mercury 1' orb her uncle abdicated

Umberto Eco "No cultural artifact is too lowly or trivial for Eco's analysis" (including comic books)

Natal Mercury/Hades=Aries

Pope Francis has Mercury/Uranus/Hades,

He dropped the 'f-bnmb' when  T. Pluto conjunct natal Mercury, and hitting off the rest of the configuration  His accidental use of the f-word went viral.
On another transit, his neice died in a car accident.

Navalny: 'Operation pothole" N. Mercury conjunct Hades

Pluto=Mercury/Hades <37' orb
He bid up the price of medallions and borrowed against them. When their value plummeted, immigrant cabbies were left deep in debt. DOB 11 29 1970 no tob

David Pecker National Enquirer Editor natal Mercury=Mars=Hades

N. Mercury/Hades=Aries (5.37.30 / 10’ orb)

Dennis Kucinich DOB 10/8/1946 5:53 AM Cleveland, OH
Brother committed suicide 12/19/2007
(See Mercury/Neptune, see Mercury/Pluto)

N. Moon=Mercury=Hades=Aries (5.37.5 / 20’ orb)

Charlotte Bronte DOB 4/21/1816 2:41 PM England
Describes Jane Eyre and Lowood (horrid school)

Roland Johnson was 12, his parents sent him to the Pennhurst State School and Hospital outside Philadelphia. There he would spend 13 tormented years Sept. 14 1945

Sean Penn

N. Mercury square Hades. T. Mercury 1 degree from conjunction to natal Hades
Car with 2 guns stashed in it, was stolen in broad daylight.

David Greenglass N. Mercury/Hades=Aries no greater than 39' orb

Turned in his sister Ethel Rosenberg, the spy
DOB 3/2/1922 NO tob 

Augusten Burroughs

N. Mercury/Hades=Zeus=Aries
His book: Running with Scissors

John Fairchild
Changed a conservative magazine into W Magazine, focused on celebs and society

 Verlaine uses term "cursed poets" to describe his group  T. Hades conjunct Mercury 1884   
  DOB 3/30/1844 9PM Metz, France 

Henry Ford letter apologizes for anti semitic publications
T. Mercury opposite N,. Hades (triggered N. Hades/Zeus aspect)
Louis XIII
Speech impediment stammer
Mercury=Hades=Mars/Saturn midpoint and Mars/Uranus midpoint
due to double teeth  Juno=Chiron too

Charles Starkweather stammer Mercury=Neptune=Hades

Stephen King horror Mercury=Hades 64H/exact


Chris Cornell


llinois shooter comitted suicide after shooting 
DOB 11/26/1980 Mars=Mercury/Hades.

At no time of day was Mars farther than 18 minutes away from Mercury/Hades

Julian Armistead

Mars/Hades=Mercury suicide

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