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·        Travel or distribution.  Often it's a part of career.   
         Astronaut had natal Mars=Apollon=Aries (=Chiron) 
            Buzz Aldrin  (DOB 1/20/1930 2:17 PM NMars=Pallas=Apollon  
         Airline owner Richard Branson: also has Natal Jupiter singleton
            DOB July 18,m 1950 7AM Blackheath, UK
·        Good market; expansion of activity
·        Spans through the ages

Here's an important illustrative event:
George VI became king over world wide Commonweath of England
(altho Apollon does not have to do with rulership)

MOON=MARS/APOLLON overlaps with Moon/Apollon (or Moon/Jupiter)

·        Foreign woman; commonly thru marriage. 
·        Mother or wife has foreign connections; mother or wife travels extensively
·        Or lives at a distance by choice or necessity.  Relocate with wife.
·        Women disperse to do something
.         Incidence of woman raising someone else's profile
The center of expatriate German community; musician with broad cultural background.  Johnna Kinkle July 8, 1810 3PM Bonn, Germany

One single episode: a man's wife was smuggled from Belgium to France by Friedrich Engels
Moses Hess DOB January/21/1812 5PM Bonn Germany

Baudelaire's mother married an ambassador; mistress was Haitian

Adrienne Rich a book review launches big time career; reviewer was from a foreign country
P. Apollon=Mars 

Anne Frank
Marilyn Manson
Andrew Cunanan

MERCURY=MARS/APOLLON (like Mercury/Apollon

Teach foreigners; variations of foreign/education e.g, Hebrew School
Expansion of educational opportunities.  One goes to many schools, has many students
Female sib goes abroad

Famous for forging Shakespeare William Henry Ireland August 2, 1775 1PM London

She's in a book title referring to her degree of greatness 
Women Painters of the Worldfrom the time of Caterina Vigri, 1413–1463, to Rosa Bonheur and present day  Mercury=Saturn=Mars/Apollon she was also expelled from numerous schools
Rosa Bonheur March 16, 1822 8PM Bordeaux, France

·        More muscians than in Mercury=Mars/Apollon
19 muscians in search (31 in music section/19 in music and dance; some overlap)
vs. mercury=mars/apollon 12 people  

·        Meet or marry partner abroad; partner lives abroad, travel with partner. 
·        Other important foreign relationship, e.g., important foreign friend
    It can be one life changing incident of a woman's trip
·        Wide social circle
·        Foreign art, travel affects art, translation
·        Incidence of  professional help/productivity by partner or personal relationship 
.        Incidence of focus on girls, women (Louys wrote lesbian history; Renoir painted lots of girls) 
·        Incidence of relationship that attracts attention, goes public.  In some instances slanderous
   Copernicus DOB Feb. 19, 1473 5:13PM Torun, Poland 
   Chris Brown DOB May 5, 1989 12:30PM Tappahannock, Va

Singe life changing incident: Jeffrey Archer offered prostitute (in his scandal) money to go abroad to escape the media she said were hounding her.  DOB April 15, 1940 11:45AM Somerset, UK

Jane Austen
Howard Stern open about relationship?


Like Saturn/Apollon

·        Long distance activity ends or fails; for oneself or for someone close (like a parent)
·        Travel is complicated, problematic.  Concern with foreign problems
.         Regional activity; e.g., artists focus on regional content (like Saturn/Apollon)
Expansion, distribution is hindered.  Business success, economy dwindles (Marx)
.         No copyright (unrewarded for distribution)
.         Work doesn't become public, e.g, write something that goes unpublished,
          or published  posthumously
.        RPP intermittent work

·        Some incidence of educational activity 

Vita Sackville  Natal West Mars=Saturn=Apollon  husband foreign secretary; they loved Istanbul but couldn't return because of politics; loved Persia but husband recalled and demoted (summer 1927 SA Saturn/Apollon=Aries) Quit international service 1929 P. Apollon station 3' from Saturn.  
Also education: her husband ran for Parliament with party representing Combined English Universities
DOB March 9, 1892 4:14AM Sevenoaks, UK

Marx natal Saturn=Mars/Apollon his work resulted in widespread shriveling up of  economic conditions
When progression was exact (1837) he transitioned from studying poetry in college to more serious and wrote work that wasn't published in his lifetime.  DOB May 5, 1818 2AM Trier, Germany

Charles II N, Mars=Saturn=Apollon
P. Saturn at the MP his father (the King) imposed  "ship money" tax--lucrative, unpopular, became the subject of a court case his father barely won DOB 
May 29, 1530 1PM London, UK 

H.G. Wells lost popularity due to outdated ideas
Natal Saturn=Kronos=Pallas=Mars/Apollon
When SA was close to exact he interviewed Stalin hoping to "change" him, but no luck. (July 1934)

September 21, 1866 4:30PM Bromley UK 

Private life became public:
George Eliot declined to conceal  her  "immoral" relationship, and it was this refusal which perhaps gave an additional edge to the reproaches  but the revelations about Eliot's private life surprised and shocked many of her admiring readers, but this did not affect her popularity as a novelist.  
Problems abroad:  husband jumped into Italian canal  DOB November 22, 1819 5AM Nuneaton, UK

Stephen Foster sent his handwritten scores directly to his publishers. The publishers kept the sheet music manuscripts and did not give them to libraries nor return them to his heir.  No copyright protection.  Made very little to nothing on performances and reprints of his work. 
DOB July 4, 1825 12:30PM Pittsburgh, Pa.

George Westinghouse
International: Called 1st international industrialist; persisted against bias.  Sacrificed work at home to spend years in England for trials of brakes.
Challenge to distribution: Progression 10' orb: 
Got a big contract but at the same time, a contract to build the distribution system the project needed was awarded to General Electric. resulting in competition was so costly a patent-sharing agreement was signed between the two companies in 1896
WTF: Progression exact:  something EXPANSIVE happened
1899 he installed a 1.5-megawatt, 1,200 rpm unit (increase over previous size). 
He also made a very large secret donation to a charity, vs. the very public donation made by Carnegie.    in a scientific journal dated around that time DOB 1October 6, 1846 10:20AM  Central Bridge NY

Really interesting: 22 year project collecting photographic record of  entire earth ; ended when he was ruined by the Depression.  lso Sun=Saturn=Pallas. Albert Kahn DOB March 3, 1860  3PM Marmoutier, France

Saturn=Mars/Apollon does not correspond with criminal activity, but criminals can have it.
Here's criminal activity symbolized by Saturn=Mars/Apollon:
Pretended to arrange passage to other countries for people wanted by Germans in WWII.  When he got their money, he drugged them and killed them.  
Marcel Petiot Jan. 17, 1897 3AM Auxerre, France

Degas  Natal Mars/Apollon
T. Pluto =Mars/Apollon 1874
Degas returned to Paris in 1873 and his father died the following year, whereupon Degas learned that his brother René had amassed enormous business debts. To preserve his family's reputation, Degas sold his house and an art collection he had inherited, and used the money to pay off his brother's debts. Dependent for the first time in his life on sales of his artwork for income, he produced much of his greatest work during the decade beginning in 1874.[

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