Thursday, July 26, 2007


Health problems; water or plumbing problems

Helped with Polio vaccine Hillary Koproski

SA Aries=Neptune/Hades
My drain stopped and plumber came.

N. Jupiter=Neptune/Hades (exact)
Death by drowning in the case of Virginia Woolf. When she walked into a river T. Zeus and T. Jupiter were on Jupiter=Neptune/Hades.


Natal sun 7 Scorpio.  Neptune/Hades Scorpio and 10 Taurus respectively.

T. Saturn conjunct Sun and then=Sun/Neptune midpoint and Sun/Hades midpoint.

Two associates die within the month, one by drowning

Voilkswagen exec; car emissions scandal
N. Mercury=Neptune/Zeus  DOB 4/17/1937

Here's something completely different:
N. Mars=Neptune=Hades=Admetos
When T. Neptune and Hades triggered the picture in 1904 he was arrested for false documents
When T. Neptune triggered the picture in 1911 he was arrested in a riot protesting Italy's participation in a Libyan war
September, 1917 T. Neptune triggered picture His military exploits ended in 1917 when he was wounded accidentally by the explosion of a mortar bomb in his trench. (T. Neptune conjunct Sun)
at the same time, he's paid by British intelligence to manipulate the war effort

Chinese epidemic; they halt travel 2/22/2020

Progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disorder. 
N. Mercury=Neptune=Hades=Aries  DOB 7/6/1943

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