Tuesday, January 7, 2020


. Artists (also Mars/Cupido; Jupiter/Cupido)

. Founders of political parties, family foundations, organizations (also Mars/Cupido)

. Sometimes shows up with (dates of) important relationship events including marriages
 (other Cupido pictures like Jupiter/Cupido)

Ray Larsen Sun//Cupido
 KKK leader
also the element of clannish-ness about some Cupido pictures; some nationalists have strong Cupido pics, several have Pallas/Cupido

Henry Ford (Sun//Cupido)
Founded Ford Foundation

Freud started Psychoanalytical Society
P. Cupido conjunct Sun

Achmed Sukarno Sun//Saturn//Neptune//Uranus//Cupido//Zeus
Founder of political party
Frequent husband (9X)

Marriages and personal associations

Elizabeth I fell in love with the love of her life "spring of 1559"
T. Cupido opposite N. Sun
Also P. Venus conjunct P. Vulcanus April, 1559
Juno station conjunct N. Juno April-May 1559

Prince Albert (consort)

Artists: Bob Dylan Sun/Cupido=Aries 27' orb
The fact that this is the only artist is misleading.  It's really really common among artists.

Relationship events:
Michelle Obama met Barack  T. Cupido antiscia her N. Sun
Camilla married Charles P. Sun conjunct Cupido
SR Sun=Cupido Pat Kluge married
SR John Kerry Sun/Cupido=Aries

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