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Vladimir Putin P. Mercury station=Uranus/Zeus never more than 1 minute from exact between October 2015 and June 2017



Monday, June 19, 2017

Donald Trump's Tweets: Uranus/Chiron

Uranus Chiron symbolizes technology that harms or divides people

Trump was born with a trine and has had P. Uranus=Chiron recently.  Became exact around 5/17 and thereafter

His tweets (always destructive) may become evidence in his own investigation.

Uranus/Chiron also corresponds with divisions among groups
I think it also symbolizes his trip to Europe and the divisions with international allies

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ecuador cut Julian Assange's internet access in the embassy

Most recent posts about Uranus/Chiron have been about disunity
David Cameron's chart with Brexit

But it's just as likely to manifest as a technical glitch or doing harm with tech.
It showed up in the chart of  head of Yahoo (security breach)

Assange's internet access was cut off with transiting Chiron is station on the antiscia of Assange's Uranus

His natal and progressed chart describe his detention:
  • He's being detained (Progressed Vulcanus=Saturn 64H/exact)
  • He's detained at an embassy (Natal Vesta//Kronos)
More recently, Donald Trump had P. Uranus=Chiron
His TWEETS became self destructive...they may wind up damaging him in the investigation. 

Ecuador cut Julian Assange's internet access in the embassy

Most recent posts about Uranus/Chiron have been about disunity
David Cameron's chart with Brexit

But it's just as likely to manifest as a technical glitch or doing harm with tech.
It showed up in the chart of  head of Yahoo (security breach)

Transiting Chiron is stationing on the antiscia of Assange's Uranus...and getting closer.  It'll be there until January.

His natal and progressed chart describe his detention:
  • He's being detained (Progressed Vulcanus=Saturn 64H/exact)
  • He's detained at an embassy (Natal Vesta//Kronos)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize

  • By major aspect, P. Jupiter=Apollon/Vulcanus 1' orb

Apollon/Vulcanus represents super successful people, whether you are one or you're around them.

  • By minor aspect, he's got P. Sun=P. Apollon/64H 1' orb

RPP says this is fame and honors and in this case it is.

I've seen this combination occur when you meet someone important.  Carla Sarkozy had P. Sun=Apollon when she met Nicholas Sarkozy.

Sun=Apollon also occurs when there's a job event of some note.

  • Another fascinating symbolic component, is by minor aspect P. Jupiter=P. Zeus

And transiting Zeus is conjunct his MC

Zeus is heat, fire, guns and war.
The Nobel Prize was established by Alfred Nobel who invented explosives

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

FINALLY! Saturn/Neptune and a nursing home event!

So many Saturn/Neptune contacts correspond with the health of the elderly.   Think I noted a few months ago that's what was missing from this this one....well, here it is.

U.S. to Protect Families’ Right to Take Nursing Homes to Court 

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a rule preventing nursing homes from forcing cases into the private system of justice known as arbitration.

As common as this kind of event is with a Saturn/Neptune transit, it doesn't seem to happen when an individual gets the transit!   

An individual is more likely to get a health event (not necessarily serious, for example of dental or skeletal problem) and less commonly an issue involving water.

What does Trump have in common with Wells Fargo Chairman/CEO: Pluto/Chiron

As John G. Stumpf, Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO, faces more congressional grilling, the bank’s board said he would forfeit about $41 million in stock awards, forgo his salary during the inquiry and receive no bonus in 2016.
Transiting Pluto is conjunct natal Chiron.  

Pluto/Chiron is about financial misbehavior.  It's also about tax avoidance

Trump has transiting Pluto square natal Chiron.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alicia Machado/this posting is clearer

Alicia Machado
Dec. 6, 1976 no TOB

Natal Juno/Kronos=Chiron less than 30'

Short keywords:

Beauty or decorative item connected with authority
Like a beauty queen or royal jewels

What's wrong w someone's/something's appearance

In this case a beauty queen who has issues about her appearance with her boss.


Alicia Machado

My own work with Juno so far,  has been  productive looking for Juno pictures when I'm looking at Juno symbolizing the  appearance of someone or something--from jewelry to home decorating to plastic surgery.   This is  different concept of how people interpret Juno but watch your own transits and progressions

Alicia Machado
Natal Juno/Kronos=Chiron  less than 30' orb
<30 orb="" p="">Natal Juno=Kronos=Chiron about 2 degrees orb

<30 orb="" p="">Juno=Kronos
<30 orb="" p="">Beauty or decorative items connected with authority--from beauty queens to royal jewels
<30 orb="" p="">
<30 orb="" p="">Juno=Chiron
<30 orb="" p="">Physical attributes that make one feel like an outsider
<30 orb="" p="">
<30 orb="" p="">She's beauty contest winner who was made to feel like an outsider by an authority figure.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jose Fernandez

The death of an athlete in the water is yet another manifestation of Saturn in Sag square Neptune.

Fernandez had natal Neptune//Hades;  found in some instances of water mishaps.

Whitney Houston had exact Neptune/Hades picture.

Other symbolism for boating and water mishaps:

Fernandez did not have those pictures in his natal chart,  but like everyone else born in the summer, his SR contained Saturn=Uranus=Neptune

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Yahoo security breach: Uranus/Chiron

Marissa Mayer head of Yahoo
Natal Uranus opposite Chiron
P. Cupido station=Uranus/Chiron

When Bill Gates testified in Microsoft antitrust hearing, he had progressed Uranus/Chiron.

Uranus/Chiron has 2 manifestations:
  • Tech problems
  • Changes in affiliation 

Changes in affiliation: e.g, leaders of countries that experience unity or secession 
First king of united Italy after Italy had been disunified for over a thousand years 
Abraham Lincoln had the natal picture; south seceded
Indira Gandi natal picture; partition of Inida
David Cameron natal picture and he had Uranus/Chiron progression at the time of Brexit; 
Cameron also had Pluto square Sun which sits on his Saturn/Uranus midpoint

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mia Farrow: Mercury/Pluto

She lost a son in a car fatality.

Her progressed Pluto turned direct about a year ago.
Progressed Pluto is stationing 4' from the Mercury/Pluto midpoint

Transiting Pluto=natal Mercury 35' orb (semi-octile)

This bears repeating: 
Death is the least likely outcome of Pluto transits and progressions.  

Also transiting Mercury station=natal Venus (semi-octile)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Angelina Jolie solar return: Venus=Saturn=Neptune

From Midpoint Observatory 11/29/2007:

A planet on the Venus/Saturn MP describes someone you separate from or describes the reason why you separate

Problems with someone in the medical field; or someone with health, alcohol or drug issues

Pitt's is less obvious:
Publication involved??

Sun on the MP by minor aspect--but meaning of Mercury there is yet to unfold....

Mercury station trine Pluto and the Charlotte shooting

Apparently Keith Lamont Scott was holding something that motivated the police to kill him.

"Relatives say he was holding a book"

Mercury/Pluto describes Pluto issues connected with Mercury.
Pluto issues are usual financial, and least commonly connected with death.

When Pluto does describe death, and it's connected with Mercury, most often it's the death of  a sib.

All of this is to say that a death resulting from holding a book is a highly unlikely correlate with Mercury/Pluto, but it factors in all the symbolism.

More commonly when Pluto aspects your Mercury or Mercury aspects your Pluto:
Cars+expenses (insurance, car loans, etc)
Finance & education: paying for school, classes in finance
Financial paperwork
Siblings and money

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chelsea/NJ Bomber: some illustrations of Chiron/Zeus

Chiron Zeus
Common with war
Not a war winner
War criminals; anti-war activists

Chelsea/NJ bomber
Ahmad Khan Rahami
Jan 23, 1988

Natal Chiron/Zeus picture
Eclipse hit natal picture pretty exactly

close to squaring his Saturn/Uranus conjunction

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Head of ISIS
His progressed Mars has just stationed on natal Chiron/Zeus (7/28/1971)

Syed Farook San Bernadino shooter 6/14/1987

King George III had the natal picture.  Losing the Revolutionary War was the beginning of the downturn of the British Empire. The Stamp Act (stamps made with hot wax) turned the tide of the war against the British. T. Chiron conjunct N. Zeus.

Lynndie England court martial in connection with torture in Abu Gharib prison in Baghdad.
N. Sun=Chiron/Zeus exact
I'll consolidate some of it for tmrw.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Chelsea/NJ bomber: Chiron/Zeus

Ahmad Khan Rahami
Jan 23, 1988

Natal Chiron/Zeus picture
Eclipse hit natal picture pretty exactly

close to squaring his Saturn/Uranus conjunction

there's alot of material on Midpoint Observatory on Chiron/Zeus and war

I'll consolidate some of it for tmrw.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016: Saturn/Neptune update

Neptunian structures

President Obama Creates Atlantic Ocean's First Marine Monument 

that's the Saturn/Neptune part--water/structure

Here's another interesting one that is a version of a bridge (a Neptune structure)

"A Belgian brewery is turning on the taps of a pipeline to transport its beer to a bottling plant 3 km's away"

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mars/Node and job events: John Boehner's job with tobacco industry

First off, he's got transiting North Node conjunct natal Mars

Very common with job event.  Always on my go-to list when people look for jobs or  new jobs.
Don't forget the antiscia.

He's also got transiting Ceres on the antiscia of Zeus.  This came up in my research for smoking.  I didn't have overwhelming, case-closed evidence, but it's one of those things are are common without being invariable.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Will 2017 outer planet stations contact your chart by "minor" aspect?









Saturday, September 10, 2016

Midpoints: Venus/Mars

Planets or points on the Venus/Mars midpoints are adjectives about sexuality or sexual events

Aries=Venus/Mars or Sun=Venus/Mars or Venus=Mars in the natal chart will almost always mean sex is an issue-- from rampant to dysfunctional to nonfunctional--ranging from promiscuity to impotence to sexual assault.

Elizabeth I the Virgin Queen
Sun=Venus/Mars 1' orb (that' one minute orb!)

In the natal chart, a close aspect of Venus to Mars usually indicates sexual issues from impotence to promiscuity.
It's not pathological, altho Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and Sacher-Masoch (mashochism) all had Venus=Mars. 

Havelock Ellis Venus/Mars=Aries
Rudolph Valentino Venus/Mars=Aries
Jack Nicholson Venus/Mars=Maries

By arc/progression, solar and; lunar returns it’s a general indication of anything having to do with your own sexual conditions and anything happening to others close to you. A client who recently had 2 Venus/Mars progressions experienced an event involving possible sexual impropriety towards her child, showing that the range of possibilities involving sexual events is wide.

A planet at the Venus/Mars midpoint in natal charts, by progression and in solar & lunar returns can be an adjective describing some attribute of the circumstances or people involved.

When John Lennon met Paul McCartney in 1956, he had P. Sun=Venus/Mars....not that I think anything sexual was happening between them...but I do think he'd met the guy who'd give the Beatles sex appeal.

A particular woman's sexual acitivity is described.
For example, a woman with natal Moon=Venus had a mom who had an affair, became pregnant.  She integrated the new son into the family and it was years later than her mom's affair and the brother's s origin became known to the woman with natal Moon=Venus/Mars.

In another instance, a man had Moon=Venus/Mars in his lunar return.  He met a sexually experienced and sexually knowledgeable woman.

--Books, letters with sexual content. (N, P, SR/LR)
--Sexual partner involved with publication, education, vehicles or you meet thru a sibling. In rare instances, Mercury=Venus Mars in the natal chart symbolizes sex with sibling.

Marquis de Sade had Mercury=Venus/Mars (22 ½ /4’ orb)

Amy Fisher Mercury=Venus/Mars (64H/18’ orb) Symbolizes Joey Butafucco/garage.

David Beckham Mercury=Jupiter=Venus/Mars
People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive

Increased or improved sexual interest/sexual activity, when activated by progression or transit. In a solar or lunar return it’s sometimes a sexual partner who travels, is an out-of-towner.

T. Jupiter=Venus/Mars
Cate Blanchette 'comes out'

Sexual issues; impediments or stoppage.
N. Saturn=Venus/Mars Lacy Peterson (22 1/2)
N. Saturn=Venus=Mars (=Juno) (64H/5' orb)

Bernard Boursicot, the westerner depicted in M. Butterfly. Had an affair with a man for many years, thinking he was having sex with a woman.
(DOB 8/12/1944 8pm Vannes, France)

Natal Aries=Saturn=Venus/Mars <1 degree="" font="" orb="">
March 13, 1927 No TOB

Josh Duggar admits molestation
T. Saturn=Venus/Mars no TOB but no more than 30' away

-I got obscene phone call when T. Saturn was on my Venus/Mars midpoint.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert both had the natal picture.  They had a happy marriage and 9 children.  But this was true too:
"Albert was a sensitive and somewhat effeminate 18 year old virgin, suspected to latent homosexuality.  Asked why he had never sown his wild oats with women "That species of vice disgusts me".  Victoria proposed after a courtship of four days.  From their marriage nights onwards Victoria was the sexual aggressor and pursuer.  So appalled and unnerved did Albert become by his wife's daily and nightly onslaughts that he took to cowering behind the locked door of his bedroom.  The frustrated Victoria, in pursuit of her conjugal rights, hammed on it loudly from the outside, screaming in German "Open this door, I am the Queen!" (She had Sun=Mars) 
Unconventional sexual views or activities; sexual freedom
D.H. Lawrence natal picture

These days, there's often a technical ingredient, meeting over the internet; texts or steamy emails, or meeting someone in science or tech.  
Anythony Weiner Natal Uranus=Venus/Mars
T. Uranus triggered the picture when his sexting scandal erupted.

Linda Tripp P. Uranus=Venus/Mars 1' orb
she hands recorded conversations about Lewinsky and Clinton to Kenneth Starr, prosecutor

Non-exclusive sexual relationship when it appears in the natal chart and very often by transit. Not so much in the solar or lunar return.

Sometimes refers to a partner who’s a financial type; also Palimony (Clint Eastwood natal).  Partner undergoing some financial event or dealing w finance and your partner when it appears by transit and especially in solar/lunar returns;

Rarely, it's a sexual/death connection
e.g., Prince Rudolph of Austria known for murder/suicide with lover in Mayerling hunting lodge
Natal Pluto=Venus/Mars (major aspect and Pluto=Sun/Moon by minor aspect)
T. Venus=T. Pluto=Natal Mars on the day of event.

College girl killed, then raped
DOB 9/13/1953 8:23PM Washington DC

Non-exclusive sexual relationship, in natal, progressions, SA, SR/LR.

N. Node=Venus/Mars
Tiger Woods

N. Node=Venus/Mars
Scott Peterson (64H/exact)

N. Node=Venus/Mars=Aries Amber Frye (+LR when she met Scott)

N . Node=Venus/Mars Huma Abedin (Anthony Weiner's wife)

Food is (ahem) an ingredient. Examples: meet in a restaurant, or the partner is associated with food.

Philip Roth's "Portnoy's Complaint" includes masturbating with a piece of liver
(3/19/1933 1AM Newark, NJ)

Sex and the job.
Heidi Fleiss

In the natal chart and in the SR (and probably other ways) it means you meet a sexual partner at your job. It can indicate sexual professionals or work with sexual content.

P. Pallas=Venus/Mars
Hired a dance teacher who was into dirty dancing.

P. Pallas=Venus/Mars (64H/4')
Eliot Spitzer SR prostitute scandal.

--Apparel, beauty, fashion with especially sexual associations.
--Partner is involved with decorating, renovation, building, as a profession or just at that time of the progression or in the SR/LR.
--Bill Clinton Juno=Venus/Mars SR for impeachment 'the dress'--also Saturn and Hades=Venus/Mars

Bouriscot--fell in love with male opera singer posing as a woman.  Venus=Mars=Juno (64) SR for meeting contained Juno=Venus/Mars (major aspect)

--Partner is associated with real estate or moving.
--Finding “a place”

Partner is associated with art, when this appears in solar/lunar returns.
In the natal chart of the horoscope of an artist, the content of the artwork may be sexual.
When Prince Harry's Las Vegas party pictures became public, his LR had Cupido=Venus/Mars

Sexual activity occurs in unrefined or rough--possibly even illegal--circumstances. 
--Bonnie Lee Bakely exact/Saturn and Kronos nearby GET ASEPCT
--Ron Jeremy Venus =Mars=Hades (all conjunct!) Thanks Bill Sarubbi.
--Bill Clinton impeachment SR (also Saturn)
--Amy Fisher SR when she met Butafuco
--Bill O'Reilly natal and transit

LR Hades=Venus/Mars John Ruskin wedding night, couldn't consummate because he was repulsed by wife's natural body parts

No clue.

Sexual partner is in the government or your boss. I just saw this recently in the natal chart of a woman who is currently having an affair with her boss. (The feelings don’t have to be mutual.)
Christine Keeler Natal Venus=Mars=Kronos=Saturn
In the news: Mercury=Venus=Mars=Kronos---Commonwealth Nations Change Royal Succession Rules

Julian Assange
Kronos=Venus/Mars - held for sex crimes. It's considered a trumped up charge by government to jail him.

Monica Lewinsky  SR relationship with Pres. Clinton

Sun and Kronos=Venus/Mars

Partner is an out-of-towner or you meet while traveling; widespread sexual activity.
--Heidi Fless Apollon=Venus/Mars=Aries 12/30/1965 9:05AM LA, CA
--One of Brazil’s top strippers/porn stars 10/30/1972 3:30PM Nova Olympia, Brazil.

Limitation of sexual activity

James Barrie (wrote Peter Pan)
Admetos=Venus/Mars  (44' orb)

Alan Turing
He was spared prison but was given a year probation with the condition that he take estrogen to diminish his sex drive. He was subjected to injections of female hormones intended to "curb his lust."
(also Pluto=Venus/Mars by major aspect; Uranus=Venus/Mars by minor aspect

Intense sexuality. Any way it shows up.
--French brothel owner (64H/18’) DOB 5/3/1901 3:51pm France
Vulcanus =Venus/Mars =Aries (64H/18’)

--LA hooker / had others work for him (64H/9’) 7/1/24 6:40AM Ottawa, IL.
Vulcanus=Venus/Mars (also=Kronos & Chiron)

Partner is described as in a religion, a cause or ideology. Religion influences sex.
Krishnamurti N. Poseidon=Venus/Mars
--Client had no sex during period for religious reasons.

“But I would be lying if I did not admit that the tantric sexual practices had something to do with it. I had outgrown sitting meditations, deity visualizations, while both guru yoga and death yoga failed to advance my enlightenment. So I sought out a tantric master living in Bhutan and received a series of tantric transmissions from him.”



This article is part of a series of pieces about sex, including the Venus/Mars midpoint  mostly published in the Midpoint Corner of the Uranian Society website.
The Venus/Mars midpoint is arguably the most specific part of the horoscope for information about sexuality and sexual activity.  A planet at the natal midpoint describes a person's pattern of sexuality, or their partners, or a single life changing sexual event or partner.
The myth of Chiron is a good place to start: the child of a rape, feeling ugly and abandoned by both mother and father; refined and intelligent, skilled in healing, music and with animals, he was unique among the other centaurs, and--although he married and fathered children--a loner.  He suffered a mortal wound and chose to die a mortal death rather than experience the pain of the wound forever.

Chiron received bad parenting.  But he also had  a daughter (whose name was Melanippe or Arne) who was ashamed to tell him when she became pregnant.
So in keeping with the mythological character, the characteristics of an emphasized natal Chiron include: physical or psychological pathology, healing ability (perhaps more technical skill than comfort with emotion) loner/loneliness; insecurity about one's appearance.  When sexuality is involved, it may manifest as:

·       physical or psychological health issues--yours or your partner's.  This may have an impact on sexual activity or describe a partner with a pathology.

 .       sexual loneliness

·        doubts about one's sexual appeal

·        unique sexual desires; kinkiness

·        sexual abuse 

        ·        self destructive behavior e.g., precocious or promiscuous sex

         ·        harm resulting from sex e.g., scandal

·        disconnect or difficulty with connecting with one's sexual nature, particularly with a partner; sexual repression

There are a number of Venus/Mars configurations--even Venus=Mars by itself--that correspond with as many varieties of unusual sexual circumstances as there are human beings who experience them.  For a more complete overview, see "Sex in the Horoscope" in the Midpoint Corner.


OPRAH (7' orb)

Like Chiron himself, Oprah was conceived by parents who'd had a single sexual encounter and then abandoned her.  "I was sexually abused" by a cousin, an uncle and a family friend "from age 10 to 14, my resulting promiscuity as a teenager, and, finally at 14, my becoming pregnant".   Insecurities about appearing in public with her partner resulted in an obsession with her weight.  "I knew that when people would see us together that the first thing they were thinking was...'what's he doing with that fat girl?'"   She is dogged by rumors that she is gay.

Oprah has more than one planetary placement that corresponds with complex personal events and resulting issues:  Sun=Venus=Saturn=Vulcanus.

Several planetary combinations that include Chiron appear in the charts both parents and children where there has been abandonment or abuse.   Saturn/Chiron is not uncommon.  Sun/Chiron  or Venus/Chiron pictures aspects appear with some regularity.   Tina Turner and Art Linkletter, both abandoned children, have Sun=Chiron (135) and Sun=Venus=Chiron (less than 2 degrees orb) respectively. 

There's only anecdotal evidence for the Chiron=Venus/Mars midpoint picture specifically appearing in the horoscopes of fathers who didn't acknowledge their illegitimate children but it's dramatic and compelling.  Both Henry Ford and Karl Marx are said to have fathered sons whom they never legally acknowledged.  Ford had a closer relationship with that child while Marx's child was thought to have been adopted by Engels for Marx's convenience. 

The Ford "brothers", Edsel Ford and John Dahlinger resemble each other more than they do their father.  Ford was said to have his chauffer marry his mistress and built a palatial property whose worth far, far surpassed the financial resources of its occupants:  for his mistress who was an avid horse racer-- 2 racetracks a blacksmith shop and several barns; a refrigerated fur storage vault, a gatehouse, a lake and skating house, a greenhouse, gardeners quarters and servants quarters, and a secret entrance through which Ford could continue visiting his mistress.


Talented and strange in many ways, Michael Jackson had Chiron exactly on the midpoint of Venus/Mars (1' orb) as well as a wide square between Venus and Mars (4 degrees).   The Jackson 5 got their start performing in strip clubs.  At age 9, Michael was the youngest. "In of one of their early numbers, he was encouraged to leave the stage and crawl beneath the tables, looking up ladies' skirts, flashing lewd smiles".   As he began to mature "his father told him he was ugly. He was certain this was true: he felt his skin was too dark and his nose too wide" (*)  leading to an obsession with cosmetic procedures that had questionable results. 

His first girlfriend was with 12 year old Tatum O'Neill when Jackson was 17.  "She wanted to do everything and I didn't want to have sex at all." (**)  At age 21, he and 15 year old Brooke Shields's friendship was, Jackson remembered "romantically serious for a while...We had one encounter when she got real intimate and I chickened out. And I shouldn’t have."   On his wedding night with Lisa Marie Presley,  35 year old Jackson called a friend "in a panic" for "sex advice to make sure that Lisa was impressed with his 'moves.'" (***)Their 1994 marriage (lasting one year) made headlines like "Jackson-Presley Union Sparks Shock, Doubt, Laughs.", coming so soon after the 1993 allegations of sexual misconduct with a boy.  It should be remembered the boy had cancer, and Jackson was motivated to help.

Presley insists they had sex but never saw him naked or without make-up.  ‘The first time, she went to turn on the lights afterwards, he ran into the bathroom so she wouldn’t see his body. He emerged 20 minutes later, in full make-up and a silk robe...They were into role-playing games, although Lisa would never say who was playing what kind of role." (****) Like Jackson, Presley also had natal Chiron=Venus/Mars (1 degree 12' orb).  When they connected romantically in February 1993, her P. Chiron was opposite P. Uranus (1' orb),  just 2' from the Venus/Mars midpoint.   Also T. Uranus was conjunct T. Neptune, making a sesquiquadrate aspect with her N. Sun/Cupido/Kronos/Poseidon/Chiron picture.

Jackson's 2nd wife gave birth to 3 children but the couple never lived together and the children were said to have been the result of artificial insemination.

 (*) Pavia, Will (June 27, 2009). "A lonely life in reverse". The Independent

(**)Martin Bashir interview

(***) Chopra, Gotham (2009-06-26). "Writing Songs With My Friend Mike". Huffington Post

(****)TABORELLI, Michael Jackson Biography 

MATA HARI (9' orb)

Almost 100 years after her execution, Mata Hari's name is still associated with sexual intrigue and espionage.  The power she wielded over men became apparent at age 15, when her enchanted headmaster  pursued her, resulting in a scandal that forced her to leave school.  Dutch by birth, at age 18 she answered a personal ad placed by a 38 year old Dutch businessman living in Indonesia and they married within 3 months.  Shortly thereafter, she left her abusive husband who openly kept a concubine, but not before having 2 children who were infected with syphilis by their parents and later died of the disease.  In order to support herself, she became an exotic dancer, wearing nothing but jewelry and a bra--she was said to be insecure about her small breasts.  Photographs of her performances were used to take her children from her. 

Her nearly nude performances became a sensation in Paris, attracting wealthy and generous lovers all over Europe--including  German politicians.   When WWI began, her travel began to attract attention.  Finally detained, she claimed to be working as a spy for the French but was convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans and shot.   Her guilt was disputed,  but documents uncovered almost 60 years after her death, verified she was recruited by the German in the fall of 1915, when  the SR contained  Chiron (and Cupido)=Venus/Mars.
Mata Hari's fearless, libertine and far flung sexual exploits were also evident  in her traditional chart  in which Uranus was elevated and  Jupiter was rising in Scorpio rising, square to a conjunction of the Sun and Mars in Leo in the 9th House and opposite Pluto in Taurus in her 7th House.

ALEISTER CROWLEY  (Venus conjunct Chiron, T- Square with Mars/1 degree 32' orb)

Black magician and self proclaimed "Beast" whose sacred spiritual  sacraments included  sexual practices engaging as many partners of all ages and both sexes as time would allow.  Certain  "Sex Magick" practices  in his books, such as oral and anal sex, were considered  deviant during his  lifetime in the Victorian era (when even a man kissing another man was a convictable offence) while other practices, such as rape ("Some of the most passionate and permanent attachments have begun with rape") and   necrophilia ("justifiable in some exceptional cases" (*)a.c. Magick: Liber Aba) and eating the partner's feces, remain aberrational even to the 21st century sensibility.   
In the 2nd half of 1888 and early 1889, 13 year old Crowley had P. Chiron=Venus/Mars exactly.  He was said to lose his virginity at around age 14 by seducing a parlor maid on his mother's bed and contracted gonorrhea shortly afterward, but there is only one source that specifically refers to his activity during the precise time frame when the progressed aspect was exact.  Written by an astrologer who--based on Crowley's physical proximity to the murders as well as  aspects of Mars, Saturn and Uranus--concluded  that Crowley was the real Jack the Ripper, serial murderer of prostitutes.   Read for yourself:  Click here: Jack the Ripper a.k.a. Aleister Crowley or try Http://bookoflaw276.tripod.com/crowleyripper.html.  Crowley--a student of astrology himself-- also wrote an astrological analysis of the murders.   (*)A.C. Magick: Liber Aba

BENNY HILL (10' orb)

The Benny Hill Show's bawdy brand of humor was hugely popular in the 140 countries where it was shown, but castigated by feminists and ultimately banned by British TV chiefs as unsuitable for family viewing.  Labeled the "comedy of regret"(*) Hill's character was a dirty older man with his pants around his ankles, ogling and chasing partially clothed women. 

In reality "Benny was not someone who touched other people much...He was shy and continually disappointed by sex"(**).  His professional downfall was the result of dipping into his personal collection of pornography and sex aids--said to have been worth millions--for a sketch featuring him assaulting a policeman with a huge purple penis, actually an African antique.

Hill's chart also contained a Venus/Mars square (1 degree 11' orb) as well as Saturn in Scorpio square to sun in Aquarius (1 degree 57' orb).

* Anthony Burgess

*The Truth about Benny Hill by Andrew Collins



Heterosexual transvestite Eddie Izzard describes himself as a male lesbian and a male tomboy. Now age 51, he's had a 3-year relationship with a woman which ended 10 years ago.  "But try as I might, I just can't fancy a man...I am constantly trying to access my whole girl side, trying to define what my sexuality is all about...I haven't got the answers. It is still a bit confusing...And I know that some sections of society find me abhorrent."   He's been beaten by men for wearing a dress.   "In girlie mode, I will get hassled. I have to be able to fight or attack or respond"(*).   Aggressive  in work ('in your face') and hiatus (he ran 43 marathons in 51 days),  but in the pursuit of someone to whom he attracted  he admits “No. Well, I don’t know quite what I do...relationships, they’re a f***ing minefield... I don’t trust being ‘in’ love".(**) Izzard also has Chiron=Venus/Saturn. 

Some of Izzard's other chart factors: Mars and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, Pluto less than 1 degree from the Virgo Asd. and  the 7th house Moon in Pisces is inconjunct Uranus--it's only aspect. His mother died when he was 6 years old, but he began dressing in women's clothes 2 years before then.

(*) Who Iz (sic) Eddie Izzard? Alison Boshoff Daily Mail, Tuesday July 15, 2003

(**)Eddie Izzard. com


From writers of trash to the classics, an author's horoscope is an interesting lens through which to study planetary combinations which are likely to symbolize titles, contents and characters  as if they are 'real life' events and people.

Erica Jong  (6' orb)

With the publication of Fear of Flying, Jong became the "Queen of Erotica" giving voice to sexual liberation in the early days of the women's movement with her story focusing on sex and lots of psyhotherapy, of an awful marriage to a psychiatrist and an affair with a therapist.  Published in 1973 when P. Chiron was exact with N. Venus/Mars, the novel coined the term 'zipless fuck' to describe a sexual encounter between two strangers with no emotional involvement or ulterior motive.  

Her daughter's autobiographical memoir Sex Doctors in the Basement provides a glimpse into Jong's personal life from the vantage point of a 7-year old "watching my mother saunter around au natural, past the pictures of naked lesbians around...the trauma of listening to my mother call my stepfather a 'horny Boy Scout'...it still haunts me to this day"; and the Drs. Kronhausens--sex doctors living and working in the basement of Jong's home--whose anti-aging treatments attracted celebrities and included sharing bodily fluids with them.

Authors Toni Morrison and Edna Saint Vincent Millay actually use the word 'wounding'-- precisely the word associated with Chiron-- in the context of sexual activity.

Toni Morrison (36' orb)

Toni Morrison's recollection of her first encounter between black and white people was  her father assaulting a white man who appeared outside their apartment--assuming the man had come to molest his daughters.  Apart from that incident, the only evidence of Chiron=Venus/Mars in her intimate life is the attribute of the loner.  She left her husband while pregnant with their 2nd child, and in the subsequent 50 years, never remarried or even had a personal relationship--apart from with her children--that was known to the public.  

Nor are sexual issues the centerpiece of her work, but whatever sexual behavior there is, is described in critical studies as  "taboo, abusive...violent...perverted...sadistic...dehumanizing...traumatic"  *.   Deviant sexuality such as rape, incest, pedophilia and bestiality  symbolizes  a sick society. 

Here's one example:  Sula, the main character in the novel named for her, has inherited her mother's "addiction to casual sex"* .   But while her mother enjoys  sex and is tolerated even by their wives of all the men with whom she's been, Sula experiences "a loneliness so profound"** as well as the contempt of her community.   When she seduces her closest friend's husband, destroying their marriage and leaving the friend devastated "The wound she inflicts is something which Sula is unable to comprehend."*  Another character returns from WW1 suffering permanent physical and mental injuries "never touched...never caressed" but "walked about with his penis out (and) peed in front of ladies and girl children." (*)




"America's foremost love poet"(*) the work of Edna Saint Vincent Millay reads like an 'erotic biography' (**). She had an 'intoxicating effect on people...of all ages and both sexes" and she married because "She was tired of breaking hearts and spreading havoc". (***). 

Images of physical pathology abound in her work.  The very words associated with Chiron are applied to love.

This love, this longing...
Will glut, will sicken....
The wound will heal, the fever will abate(****)

Here is a wound that will never heal
Being wrought not of a dearness and a death
But of a love turned ashes and the breath(****)

She is at turns injured...

You loved me not at all, but let it go;
I loved you more than life, but let it be.
As the more injured party, this being so,
The hour’s amenities are all to me—
The choice of weapons; and I gravely choose
To let weapons tarnish where they lie;
And spend the night in eloquent abuse(*****)

...and careless with other peoples' feelings:

 "I loved you Wednesday,


what Is that to me?" (******)

Millay also had the South Node in Scorpio


Modern scholars analyze authors who lived hundreds of years ago through a contemporary lens--and  particularly from a sexual standpoint.   Melville is one of the most psycho-sexually analyzed of the classicists-- and repressed sexuality and particularly repressed homosexuality-- is a common conclusion, at least about his characters and possibly Melville himself.  His marriage was unhappy in the extreme. Letters from Mrs. Melville's brother refer to Melville having "ill treated" her.  She was "convinced that her husband is insane".(*)  Wife beating and emotional abuse motivated both his and her families to suggest a feigned a kidnapping to remove her from the marriage. (**)

Romanticized relationships between men abound in his work and--and even in his personal life.  When he first met Nathaniel  Hawthorne, he was moved to review Hawthorne's work anonymously, posing as a southerner, when he was actually from New York:

"A man of a deep and noble nature had seized me in this seclusion. . . . The soft ravishments of the man spun me round about in a web of dreams. . . . dropped germinous seeds into my soul. He expands and deepens down...and further and further shoots his strong New-England roots into the hot soil in my Southern soul." (***)  He dedicated Moby Dick to Hawthorne, but the friendship lasted barely 2 years.

Writing of 18th century life at sea, much of his work alludes to close relationships between men.  In Moby Dick, he likens men sharing a bed to a married couple: "there is no place like a bed for confidential disclosures between friends. Man and wife, they say...Thus, then, in our heart's honeymoon, lay (he) and I--a cozy, loving pair...Upon waking next morning about daylight, I found (his) arm thrown over me in the most loving and affectionate manner. You had almost thought I had been his wife. For though I tried to move his arm—unlock his bridegroom clasp—yet, sleeping as he was, he still hugged me tightly...(he) pressed this forehead against mine, clasped me round the waist, and said henceforth we were married."  (****)

Loneliness and repression are often symbolized by Chiron pictures, including Chiron=Venus/Mars.  Nowhere is repressed sexuality and its consequences more  blatent in Melville's work than in his final novel Billy Budd.  A "handsome sailor.. the feminine in man... a fine specimen of the genus homo, who in the nude might have posed for a statue of young Adam before the fall", Billy is well liked by all but his speech defect leads to an accidental crime for which he's convicted and hanged.  The severity of the punishment is attributed  to the repressed homoerotic feelings Billy provoked in his accuser.  "An uncommon prudence is habitual with the subtler depravity, for it has everything to hide".  He'd had his eye on Billy from the first "sometimes (the accuser's) melancholy expression would have in it a touch of soft yearning, as if (the accuser) could even have loved Billy but for fate and ban". (*****)

His lesser known novel Pierre, published when T. Chiron stationed square to N. Chiron and on the Venus/Mars midpoint, includes the characteristic rhapsodizing of lusty asexual male relationships ("friendship revels for a while in the empyrean of a love which only comes short by one degree, of the sweetest sentiment")  (******)  but primarily deals with problematic fallout from a heterosexual union--  illegitimacy and incest.  Pierre marries his half-sister, the illegitimate and orphaned child of his father.  Interestingly, When Melville's own son was born, Melville accidentally identified own mother on the birth certificate as the mother of his son.
Whether he was gay or not will always be speculation, but what is undeniable  is Melville's preference for men and distaste for women
"What sort of genial men were these? But best of comrades, most affable of hosts...His wit and wine are both of sparkling brands... being kept in most bachelor-like particu-larity, no part of London offers so agreeable a refuge.the most tender concern for each other's health: the very perfection of quiet absorption of good living Also, you could plainly see that these easyheartedmen had no wives or children to give an anxious thought " . (*******) 

"This is the very counterpart of the Paradise of Batchellors... Devil's Dungeon Paper Mill, long abandonment and decay"  A woman "turned upon me a face pale with work, and blue with cold; an eye supernatural with unrelated misery....at rows of blank-looking counters sat rows of blank-looking girls, with blank, white folders in their blank hands, all blankly folding blank paper...."Tartarus of Maids"  (********)


LEE MILLER, PHOTOGRAPHER (6') As a child she was the nude subject of her father's photography, raped and infected with gonorrhea by a family friend and then counseled by a psychiatrist not to confuse sex with love.  Stunningly beautiful, she was a Vogue model at age 20,  photographed by the likes of titan Edward Steichen.  She was unaware when he sold her photo to Kotex, making her the first live person to appear in an ad for sanitary napkins.  A scandal erupted and ended her modeling career.  She brushed herself off  and left the US for Europe, where she met another 20th century art titan--Man Ray--who became her mentor and then his lover.  She remained his  subject and muse long after she left him, pining, and eventually became a well known photographer herself.

Miller's horoscope also contained Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces (2 degrees 43' orb) and close to a conjunction with Admetos.  Venus=Saturn/Admetos (1 degree 10' orb)


When she was born, her future husband  observed "Its beauty is the remarkable thing...I think of marrying it; will it be scandalous?".  At the time, David Garnett was 25 years old and the lover of her natural father--whose identity she didn't learn until she was 17.  As the niece of Virginia Woolf, Angelica grew up among the Bloomsbury glitterati.  Her novel/memoir The Unspoken Truth  recounts the Bloomsbury custom of sharing lovers, regardless of age or sex. 

When their romance began, Garnett's wife of dying of cancer.  Born with Natal Uranus=Venus/Mars, David was sexually experimental and imaginative in a number of ways.  Best remembered for his fantasy novel Lady Into Fox, about a man's wife who suddenly turns into a fox.  He continues to dress her and play cards with her--until she mates with a wolf.  "Was his wife not unfaithful to him, had she not prostituted herself to a beast?"  When she gives birth to wolf pups, he became especially close to the one he named Angelica.  The book four years before Garnett's future wife Angelica was born. 


Lewis Carroll SR Chiron=Venus/Mars
separates from Liddell family and his close relationship with their children
also P. Saturn=Mars/Jupiter 1' orb

N. Venus sqauare Mars and South Node in Scorpio.
This is a double indication of a complicated sexual life, or, in this case, sexual activity that changed his life:
Jeremy Thorpe, his political career was destroyed by a scandal involving allegations of a homosexual relationship and of a murder conspiracy to keep it quiet, (Also Chiron conjunct Kronos)

Venus/Mars in the news
On a single day, when Venus was trine to Mars (in Pisces), these events appeared in the news:

The House handed a narrow defeat to conservatives who wanted to forbid the National Institutes of Health from giving grants to researchers conducting four sexual research projects,

Unsuspecting Internet users around the world have recently had their computers hijacked by hackers, who computer security experts say are using them for pornographic websites.

Two Naval Academy sophomores were charged with raping two classmates.

On another day, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled defendants in sexual assault cases have a constitutional right to present details of the accuser's sexual past as evidence.

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