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        Challenges to healers, challenges in treatment
        Water/boating mishaps, from battleships to bathtubs
        Personal details are hidden, lost, obscured or misrepresented 
        Communication that is misleading, exclusive or alienating
        Neptune/Chiron's representation in fine art and popular art (including magic acts)

Neptune/Chiron will be referred to as NC.  

All charts  cited have contain natal NC aspects or NC by transit or progression at the time of the relevant event, the specifics of which are in the data.   


When NC describes health:
·        The condition may be misdiagnosed or incurable
·        The healer or the treatment may be unavailable, unsafe or ineffective
·        Healers face challenges

Setbacks to improving health
Early proponents of basic medical sanitation struggled to convince doctors who joked about "Good old surgical stink."1 and whose reasoning was  "It seems improbable that enough infective matter could be secluded around the fingernails to kill a patient"2.  Finding that infant mortality was reduced by  90 using basic antiseptic procedures was met with widespread rejection, proving irreversibly traumatic for the one- man movement for medical hygiene (Ignaz Semmelweis) who was beaten to death in a mental asylum.

Even twenty years later physicians still resisted the efforts of Pasteur and Lister efforts to encourage medical hygiene, absent even in the highest medical circles. "Twelve different doctors inserted unsterilized fingers and instruments in President Garfield's back probing for this bullet," before he died of sepsis rather than the bullet wound.  T. Chiron stationed trine to N. Neptune.  "If they had just left him alone he almost certainly would have survived".3

Proof  that cancer could be transmitted by a virus was discredited for decades, despite the proof.  Fifty five years later, Frances Peyton Rous won a Nobel Prize for that work.4 

Jonas Salk's  vaccine to control the polio epidemic was widely accepted but contaminated with a cancer causing virus, to which 98 million people were exposed over 8 years.5

Some NC doctors hastened their patients' demise, among the most notorious being  "Doctor Death" Kevorkian and "Angel of Death" Doctor Josef Mengele.  When Adolf Hitler tasked Dr. Karl Brandt with designating and mobilizing  doctors to grant "mercy death to patients",6  Brandt's N. Chiron was trined by T. Neptune (no natal aspect).   Convicted of murdering their wives, Doctors Jeffrey MacDonald and Sam Sheppard had Venus and Moon=NC in their respective charts.  Their wives also had natal NC aspects.
Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe, who died of overdoses resulting from medical mishandling, had no natal aspect,  but died on T. NC aspects (conjunction and trine respectively). 
For the average person, a NC transit often marks a medical glitch or an incomplete cure.  At the time of a progression, Albert Einstein became ill and "suffered from chronic (digestive) illness" for the remaining  39 years of his life", finally dying of a stomach aneurism, now all routinely treatable.7   The manifestation may be milder, e.g., an unavailable doctor.

NC may mark a loved one's health event.  Here are instances of exact progressions:
When Marilyn Monroe overdosed,  Joe DiMaggio had exact progression
Learned of his son's deafness  Spencer Tracy had exact progression
Prince Albert's sickness/death - Queen Victoria transiting conjunction.  
Albert's  P.NC conjunction was exact by progression.  Some thinking: previously undiagnosed, untreated condition.8

?? Katie Couric TV colonoscopy  T Chiron=N. Neptune
Chadwick Boseman sesquiquadrate

I GUESSED THIS: Woman who gave John Belushi fatal dose of drugs: Venus=Neptune/Chiron=Aries April 25, 1947 no TOB Cathy Smith

Water and boating, troubles and tragedy
In addition to his fatal health crisis, two weeks before Albert died, he intervened in an naval dispute, as American Civil War Confederates tried to dodge a blockade.  Their arrest on a British boat resulted in outcries for retaliation on both continents.9

When things go awry on the water or in vessels (from battleships to bathtubs),  NC is a frequent symbolic component.  It appeared in the transits for for Pearl Harbor (T. ssq) , Horizon Oil Spill (conjunction),  the natal charts  of "Fulton's Folly" designer as well as Winston Churchill, whose career included a naval fiasco in the Dardanelles as well as the Suez Canal crisis, characterized as the end of the British Empire, which was marked by an NC transit.  On another transit he incurred an injury from which he never recovered He had untreated/untreatable physical, mental and alcohol challenges, including  depression, which he named "Black Dog".10

The event chart for the sinking of the Titanic contained NC=Aries. When Germans sank the British Lusitania, with over 100 Americans on board, it was a catalyst for WWI.  Leaders of three countries going to war all as a result of the ship's sinking, all had some NC symbolism.  (see Data)
·        British Prime Minister Asquith transit
·        Kaiser Wilhelm II transiting conjunction!
·        U.S. President Wilson natal + relevant SR
·        As well as Aleister Crowley who was rumored to have instigated the sinking of the Lusitania.  

When Crowley's N. N//C became exact by progression, he faked his own drowning.   He became a  drug addict when a doctor prescribed heroin for his asthma. He was almost certainly involved in the death of a follower from drinking bad water. 11  That's also how Emily Bronte herself died. 

It's in the charts of drowning victims, intentional or not: Whitney Houston, Jeff Buckley and Virginia Woolf, who walked into a river with a pocket full of stones.11  Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was pierced by a ray.   

Some drowning victims had transits but no natal aspects of N/C.   Natalie Wood had T. Chiron trine N. Neptune, Thomas Merton (bathtub fatality) had T. Neptune trine T. Chiron, both trining his N. Chiron.  Not fatal but illustrative: Annie Edson Taylor, the first to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel on her 62nd birthday.

Other aspects and positions with the potential for health or water mishaps: Saturn/Neptune, Neptune/Hades, Neptune=Saturn/Uranus, Pisces planet in hard aspect to Saturn.
Hidden or mistaken identity/activity
That which is inscrutable or incomprehensible

Personal details are hidden, lost, confused, or misrepresented, intentionally or by chance.   It appeared in the charts of "Deep Throat" Mark Felt and Rachel Dolezal who resigned the chapter presidency of the NAACP when her natal square was 2' from exact by progression,  after her parents revealed "She's clearly our birth daughter and we're clearly Caucasian--that's just a fact."13   "Passing" as white, literary critic Anatole Broyard knew his racial origins were mixed.  It was only when he died that his children learned of his (and their own) Creole background.  His daughter went on to write Not One Drop: My Father's Hidden Life--a Story of Race and Family Secrets. 14

Architect of witness protection program "fashioned new identities for vulnerable witnesses
N. Neptune/Chiron=Aries DOB Oct. 18, 1933 I guessed this 
History and Science
"A frustrating combination of misinformation and ignorance" 15 characterize George Washington's chronicled history.  beginning with the cherry tree story (didn't happen), the silver dollar (there were none at the time) the winter at Valley Forge (wasn't really all that bad) and his wooden teeth (although he had lost them all).  The myths were created by his first biographer in response to  "Millions are gaping  (sic) to read something about him ...My plan!  I give his history, sufficiently minute".   The work was criticized even in its day as “ belonging to the annals of fanaticism and absurdity".16

A Pisces born with Neptune about to go stationary direct, P. NC ssq <7 25="" an="" barbados="" brother.="" contracted="" cure="" during="" effort="" first="" for="" his="" in="" life.="" of="" orb="" sailing="" smallpox="" sup="" the="" this="" time="" to="" unsuccessful="" washington="" years="">17
He also performed his first military task in this time frame, reconnoitering  a river, which led to his arrest for an ambush that killed a French officer.  He understood no French and--according to the famously truthful Washington-- his terms of surrender were interpreted incorrectly and misunderstood.18  The incident led to the French Indian War, which in turn developed into the Seven Years War, fought by the world powers of four continents.  The specifics are still debated.19

Thomas Jefferson intentionally shied away from public scrutiny.  "My great wish is to go on a strict but silent performance of my duty to avoid attracting notice"20.  "He did not always speak exactly as he felt, either towards his friends or his enemies...he has left hanging over a part of his public life a vapor of duplicity...generally felt more than it is seen"21, according to the son of John Quincy Adams, who, as a child, actually knew Jefferson.   American Sphinx is the title of one Jefferson biography. 

His work behind the scenes backfired on at least one occasion when secret talks attempting to encourage France to wage war against a common enemy (Great Britain), led instead to an undeclared naval war involving unnamed diplomats ( X,Yand Z).  The October 1797 incident was symbolized by two simultaneous transiting contacts to Jefferson's natal Neptune/Chiron conjunction, a trine from Neptune and a square from Chiron
Galileo's device to raise water using a horse22 notwithstanding, the work of NC scientists may be secret or misrepresented.   Copernicus recorded in secret his heliocentric observations on a transiting conjunction;  said  they were "not intended for observation"  to avoid the scorn "to which he would expose himself on account of the novelty and incomprehensibility of his theses". 23  At the end of his life, his work was betrayed by an unsigned letter printed in the preface without his knowing and "at variance with Copernicus' claims for his own theory".24
 The code breakers' goal in wartime is to understand a secret language, indecipherable to outsiders, created to inflict harm.  Among the code breakers who 'cracked' the code of WWII German Enigma machines, 8 of the 14 charts available had major natal NC aspects (see Code Breaker Data).  Success came with the "bombe" machine, introduced by cryptologist Marian Rejewski when his natal NC conjunction was 2' from exact by progression.  When it was exact,  he broke the code of the Polish military in 2 hours.25  The most famous among them, Alan Turing, had both natal and SR aspects.  Supreme Court Justice Stevens, an intelligence officer during WWII, who was awarded a Bronze Star for successful code breaking in Pearl Harbor, had both a natal aspect as well as transit at the time of the event.

Samuel Morse designed his code in response to a personal tragedy when he learned his wife had become ill and died without his knowing.  His horoscope contained the natal aspect, and it re-appeared in his solar return at the time of the first transmission.25  

Literature, art and film
NC art contains multiple manifestations of the symbolism, in endless combinations:
.      Water disasters
·        Physically and mentally sick characters, sick author, dangers of medicine, some intemperance

Water disasters are portrayed in blockbuster films and novels, created by artists with natal NC pictures.  Jaws, the novel and "Jaws", the film, "Titanic", Mutiny on the Bounty authors (and Captain Bligh himself), Moby Dick, authors of classics about Odysseus/Ulysses (James Joyce and Ezra Pound), who, like Steve Irwin died from a ray's sting.

The plots and characters in NC fiction and art ( as well as the real lives of the artists) include   
·        Mistaken or assumed identify.  Mask, disguises
·        Facelessness, namelessness
·        Absence of  other distinguishing characteristics such as linear time or punctuation
·        Misrepresentation; trusting the wrong people; results in alienation, harm
·        Mental or physical health problems, usually accompanied by ineffective or harmful treatment

Fabricated details
On a transiting conjunction, Melville published Pierre, or The Ambiguities, about a character whose personal details had been fabricated.   In real life, Melville suggested to his publisher not to use his real name on for the book.  "It might not prove unadvisable to publish this present book anonymously" and suggested "A Vermonter" as a possibility.25  The book's reviews declared  "Melville's fancy is diseased" and "Herman Melville Crazy".26   His obituary incorrectly records  his personal details, referring to him as Hiram Melville, and to his novel as "Mobie Dick".27

Sarah Bernhardt's mother is referred to with 3 different names, there are more than 2 versions as to who her father was, her birthday is disputed and she had an amputation.

Communication is inscrutable, non-linear, absence of distinctions such as time or punctuation
Ezra Pound  transcended boundaries of linear communication  using images to  (called ideograms) to express abstract concepts, he based on the Chinese alphabet. Convicted of treason, he spent 12 years in a federal mental institution.  Stream of consciousness writers whose work is nonlinear and considered inscrutable are James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, born the same week, both with natal NC aspects.  Neither writer used linear time and both blur the lines between thought and reality.

Health events; harm inflicted by medicine, doctors portrayed in the arts
Novelists James Joyce and Virginia Woolf also had in common misguided medical treatment;  both had their teeth pulled  to combat depression and blindness, respectively. 28, 29  Joyce's blindness worsened after years of bad treatment, starting with his first childhood diagnosis advising against eyeglasses, 30  followed by decades of more misdiagnoses (near-sighted rather than far-sighted), 31  as well as the ill informed connection between his poor eyesight and poor teeth, 31 marked by an exact square of transiting Neptune to natal Chiron.

 Before she drowned herself, Woolf expressed frustration with the psychiatric profession in Mrs. Dalloway. 29  The psychiatrist portrayed in the novel, who advised the extractions, was also born with the natal aspect (Dr. George Savage).  Another surreal writer, Franz Kafka ("Kafka-esque" refers to incomprehensible experiences),  also  had health concerns and died young after trying bizarre regimens like avoiding moonlight. 33

Novelist Thomas Mann's  "The Magic Mountain is the result of his wife's misdiagnosis.34  Death in Venice features a sick older man wearing disguises while a cholera  outbreak which begins to become a plague.  Flaubert's Madame Bovary features a doctor who'd had a failed  operation on his clubfoot 

Medical blockbusters featuring flaws in the system:   Coma , One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and The History of Madness (Robin Cooke, Ken Kesey, Michel Foucault, respectively).   The Citadel, an expose of the health industry, which spurred the creation of the British National Health Service.  (A.J. Cronin)

Disguise; Hidden/mistaken/misleading identity
In a real life incident, writer Vladimir Nabokov's future wife wore a mask the entire night they met.   His chart contained Moon=Neptune/Chiron, triggered by progressed Sun,  just one minute from the natal picture.  It became the 'dear mask'.   He referred to his own use of pseudonyms as "the little silk mask of an additional pen name in order to deceive this or that captious critic".35

William Butler Yeats "preoccupied with physical and spiritual masks" Neptune/Chiron=Aries

A portrait of a faceless subject, "The Bride stripped bare" was produced in secret while the art world thought Marcel Duchamp retired to be a chess master.  Described as "baffling..unclassifiable, not a discrete whole",  it's accompanied by a stream of consciousness style guidebook which refers to parts of the painting that aren't there.   Earlier, "Nude Descending a Staircase" raised questions as to the age or gender of the subject; some even question whether it's a human body at all. 36
Beauty belies evil.  The real character is hidden on a portrait sequestered from view (Picture of Dorian Gray).   The characters pretend to be others in "The Importance of Being Earnest".   Wilde's deafness was hastened by bad medical treatment in prison.37

Rebecca's plot neatly lays out every NC attribute:  a stunningly beautiful title character who had a terminal disease but died in a boating accident.  She is never "seen" by the reader.  Believed to have been perfect by her husband's new wife (who remains anonymous) Rebecca's dark truths are revealed at a masked ball.   Rebecca was used as a spy code to send reports during WWII.38.   
Woody Allen's life and prolific output illustrate endless combinations of NC possibilities in life and work.  Still "claustrophobic and agoraphobic" after 37 years in psychotherapy;  "He won't go through tunnels, doesn't like the country after dark, or showers with drains in the center of the floor".39  

His work targets questionable, sometimes despicable, doctors (faceless therapists in particular), bizarre illnesses (hysterical blindness) and treatment (herbs rendering you invisible so you can view everyone's private lives) as well as fake and real drowning and boating mishaps, such as murder/suicide on a boat resulting from a criminal doctor's manipulations to save himself ("Cassandra's Dream").  Characters' lives change following misplaced confidences and conversations overheard,  accidentally or intentionally. 

Magicians often appear in his films.
Analyst: "I'm an analyst, not a magician."
Patient: "Then perhaps what I need is a magician," ...and with that he terminated his therapy.  
Side Effects  by Woody Allen 40

Woody Allen is, himself,  a stage magician.  Steve Martin started his career in a magic shop with P. Chiron conjunct Neptune 1' orb.   John Dee, who conducted a serious investigation of Hermetic magic, had the natal conjunction.  In the charts of 10 stage magicians, 8 had major aspects, including Houdini who had Neptune/Chiron=Aries

Houdini's "secret ghost-buster" working undercover for the illusionist to expose phony psychics
Rose Mackenber 7/10/1892 
In closing
Neptune brings its own nature to every aspect it makes, potentiating health or water events as well as that which hidden.  Combined with Chiron, the outcomes of health or water events are less likely to be successful, and likelier to result in a "wound" or damage.  And while all secrets exclude others, when secrets are symbolized by Neptune/Chiron aspects, they are often rooted in personal alienation or with the aim of "wounding" others.

Neptune inconjunct Chiron
The French writer Maurice Blanchot, who has died aged 95, was not so much a private person, it was almost as if he was perpetually absent. He lived in isolated places, such as the village of Eze-Village, in the south, or Mesnil Saint Denis, in the Yvelines, where he died. He never appeared on radio or television, never spoke in public and did not allow himself to be photographed. One biographer, Christophe Bident, entitled his book Maurice Blanchot: Invisible Partner.
also Sun=Chiron/Admetos

William John Aloysius Bailey (May 25, 1884 neptune//chiron
sold radioactive patent medicine

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