Thursday, July 19, 2007


A work in progress

Many pilots have natal Uranus/Neptune

Some anecdotal evidence that it appears in the charts of Parkinson's patients
 (also possibly Uranus/Hades), other nerve related illnesses; odd illnesses

N. Uranus=Neptune (135/exact) (DOB 3/13/1934 2:33AM Chicago IL
Gene Cernan, astronaut

N. Aries=Uranus/Neptune (64H/7') DOB 6/23/1936 12:36PM Oak Park IL
Richard Bach (noted author) briefly professional pilot

N. Aries=Uranus/Neptune 22/1/2 -- 5' orb (=Asd/13' orb) DOB 5/19/1940 1:15 PM NY, NY
Frank Lorenzo airline president

Health: Medical technology; unusual illness

T. Uranus trine N. Neptune I began to read for audio books for the blind.

Water + tech:
Sun SA Uranus/Neptune
Installation of sprinkler system.

Another client with a transit got a jacuzzi.

N. Sun= Uranus/Neptune (22 1/2 w 17' orb)
Arthur Koestler DOB 9/5/1905 3:30 PM Budapest, Hungary

Developed the Spruce Goose for Howard Hughes aircraft for water

In the news:

T.Uranus=Neptune=Apollon=Vulcanus end 2019--early 2020 introduction of novel virus

A recording that pre-dates Edison by 20 years was found. It was made on April 9, 1860, when T.Uranus=T.Neptune by 22 1/2 degrees, almost exact in orb. In this instance, I think the Neptune component may refer to the recording being hidden for 150 years and the identity of who really invented the recording being obscured.

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