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Authority+Health, Water
Pretended authority

N. Neptune=Aries=Jupiter/Kronos (64H/approx 5' orb)
Founder and President of Jung Institute. DOB 8/3/1903

Board of Scientific Governors; chared Alzheimer's Research Foundatation
Neptune//Kronos DOB 12/11/1925

H. Jack Geiger, Anti war physicians Neptune/Zeus=Aries (also Neptune/Kronos=Aries)
  MD, MSciHyg,[1][2][3][4] (1926 - December 28, 2020)[5] was a founding member and past president of Physicians for Human Rights, a founding member and past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a founding member and past president of the Committee for Health in South Africa, and a founding member and national program coordinator of the Medical Committee for Human Rights.

N. Chiron=Neptune/Kronos=Aries (64H/5')
Biodefense researcher at US Medical Reseach institute who was behind anthrax deaths in 2001. DOB 4/22/1946

 Chiron=Neptune/Kronos betsy ross investigate infections

The two most recent leaders of the Mexican drug cartel both had natal Neptune/Kronos pictures.

Edgar Valdez Villarreal DOB 8/11/1973
Neptune/Kronos=Aries (22 1/2 exact)
(Also natal Neptune/Cupido=Aries)

(Marcos) Arturo Beltrán Leyva DOB 9/27/ 1961
Neptune/Kronos=Aries and Vulcanus (64H/11')

Heights and Neptune/Kronos
Natal Neptune=Kronos (135/26' orb)
Hu Jintao suffered from altitude sickness in 6/1990 when Saturn stationed on his natal Neptune/Kronos picture. As a result, he had to leave Tibet, which some claim was a ploy to get back to Beijing.

P. Neptune to N. Kronos (64H/exact)
Me: Just learned new government legislation re water (with the objective of environmental protection) effects me.   Over the next year, the progression will contact natal Sun/Kronos/Zeus (64H/1'orb)

Jack Nelson trained olympic swimmers 11/8/1931
Aries =Sun=Neptune=Jupiter/Kronos

Charles I
Built "sovereign of the seas"
N. Sun=Neptune/Kronos 64H

Son of sick pres: FDR son natal

Confucius  Left homeland 1472
Had to trick the king in order to leave SR Vesta=Neptune/Kronos

In the news:
Ariel Sharon Condition Worsens (headline 8/14/2006)
T. Neptune semisquare T. Kronos However, the other changes in his condition--including the initial stroke--did not occur during Neptune/Kronos periods.

"The Old Pretender", James Francis Edward, When he was born, rumors immediately began to spread that he was an impostor.  Jupiter=Neptune=Kronos 

WATER AND KRONOS : Lead a dam project; Panama Canal opened on transit;

 T. Neptune square T. Kronos (August 1914)

Sovereign of the Sea”: Charles III name for himself…in reality there wasn’t even a British navy yet   

LEADERSHIP, HEALTH/DRUGS/ALCOHOL:   Hospital head; drug cartel leader (Edgar Valdez Villarreal Neptune/Kronos=Aries exact;  (Also natal Neptune/Cupido=Aries)
 Trump has N. picture (Neptune=Zeus=Kronos=Saturn/Uranus midpoint; T. Neptune triggering picture)

Jeremy Cordeaux convicted DUI.  Mercury=Mars=Saturn=Neptune=Kronos
T. Neptune triggered natal picture
Also faked "industry authority status", media scam businesses paid to be mentioned on the news (similar to product placement? ).  Australian Broadcasting Authority accused of "serious deficiency" with the industry's codes.  

Karl Wilhelm Naundorff insisted his was son of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE: Altitude sickness

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