Friday, July 27, 2007


Contacts with poor or disadvantaged people; sometimes lowlifes.

N. Kronos=Node/Hades (64H/5') DOB 7/27/1942
Coordinated gov't response to earthquake, flood, famine and locust infestations; committed to 'people trying to get by on a dollar a day...those who are hungry without clean water, without medicine, without homes'. She also had the South Node in Pisces

Node=Hades (=Cupido) (22 1/2 approx 40' orb) DOB 12/26/1914
Gave up lucrative law practice in India and began working with untouchables. Born privileged, as a child he preferred to eat and play with servants and lower caste children.

N. Node=Hades (=Apollon=Kronos)
British Colonial Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith DOB 4/8/1919

N.Node=Hades (=Apollon) (64H/20' orb) DOB 12/27/1927
Ambassador to Great Britain The Node/Apollon is more apparent in her life than the Node/Hades. A big deal in the Republican party. It was at her ranch that Cheney shot his friend.

In the news: T. Hades antiscia Node during the Egyptian uprising January 2011. (Also Saturn/Poseidon station)

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