Friday, June 8, 2007


  • Problems with travel Also Saturn/Apollon

Alexander Pushkin forbidden to travel
N. Jupiter=Saturn=Aries;  T. Saturn triggered picture 1/26/1830

News events:

March 24, 2018 T. Jupiter is stationing in aspect to T. Saturn. 
During this transit, one animal was flown to the wrong country.
Another died in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

August 10, 2019 Airport shut down
12/17/2017 Atlanta airport shut down

Jupiter=Saturn by 135 when Delta cut 2000 jobs (3/18/08)

The same day, there were 2 religious problems:
Dalai Lama Threatens to Resign
Obama Critcizes Pastor

  • Homes, buildings, real estate. On the transit you almost always do something with your home, even if it's minor.

N. Jupiter=Saturn=Hades=Cupido=Pallas=Poseidon
Desegregation activist, led Stuyvesant town desegregation effort. Communist Party member.
This is one of those pictures that could be interpreted in parts: Cupido/Hades/Poseidon could be interpreted as  Communist Party and Jupiter/Saturn/Hades/Cupido could be interpreted as efforts to integrate disenfranchised people into housing development.
DOB 9/20/1915

T. Pluto=Jupiter/Saturn often corresponds with financial activity connected to a home.

Jupiter/Saturn contacts are also in the charts of four out of four people who were identified in a news article to live to be over 100 years old:

Aries=Jupiter/Saturn (22 1/2 approx 30' orb) DOB 4/20/1893

Aries=Jupiter Saturn (64H/approx 3' orb) DOB 9/18/1895

Jupiter=Saturn (64H/approx 9') DOB 9/24/1880

Jupiter=Saturn (64H/approx 7') DOB 2/21/1875

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